Is Muichiro Related To Kokushibo In Demon Slayer?

Muichiro Tokito is descendant of user of Sun Breathing Technique!

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The youngest Hashira in Demon Slayer Corp., Muichiro Tokito, is related to Demon in Twelve Kizuki! and not just any demon, but the upper-Rank One, Kokushibo.

Is Muichiro a traitor? No, in fact, he himself was not aware of this.

So how is he related to a demon? We will unveil this mystery in this article, but before that, we need to learn about Muichiro Toktio.

Who Is Muichiro Tokito?

Why Is Tokito Emotionless And Forgetful In Demon Slayer Explained

The unfazed and forgetful Mist Pillar, Muichiro Tokito, is the youngest Hashira in demon slayer history.

Despite being 14 years old, he is physically strong and has high respect for Kagaya Ubuyashiki (also referred to as Master).

When Tajiro interrupted Master, he quickly flicked a few pebbles at Tanjiro, rendering him unconscious.

In season 2, Tengen mentioned that Muichiro attained the rank of Hashira in just two months, further solidifying his superior discipline and raw talent.

Muichiro was born into a family of woodcutters and also had an older brother.

When he was ten, both of his parents died. His mother succumbed to pneumonia while his father died by slipping off a cliff during a storm.

The two orphaned siblings survived together and, in the following spring, were also visited by Amane Ubuyashiki.

Amane is the wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and had visited to recruit them for Demon Slayer Corp. Though Muichiro was excited, his brother Yuichiro wasn’t and went as far as to avoid any contact with Amane.

The two orphans continued to receive visits from her but were shut down by Yuichiro. Later that summer, a tragedy fell on the siblings’ lives.

A demon had found its way to their house and attacked them. Yuichiro lost his hand while protecting his younger brother, and the demon battered them for their weakness.

Muichiro then attacked the demon with all the tools available in order to protect his brother. He fought the demon the whole night, and the demon withers into ash due to the sunrise.

After he returns inside, Yuichiro is at his last breath. Muichiro holds his hand and lies down beside him. Later in the morning, when Amane visits the boys, she finds out what happened, and her daughters patch up Muichiro.

Muichiro had lost the memories of his life until then but still had anger against the demons.

He later joins the corp, and in just two months, he earns the title of Hashira.

How is Muichiro Related to Kokushibo?

We learn about Muichiro’s relationship with Kokushibo during the event of Infinity Castle Arc. In chapter 165, after being separated from Gyomei, the Mist Hashira encounters the upper-rank one.

While Muichiro’s body was trembling in front of the demon, Kokushibo was examining Muiciro using the Invisible World Technique and seemed to have sensed some familiarity in Muichiro.

The Invisible World Technique is a special ability that can be awakened by those who have awakened the Demon Slayer Mark.

We have already covered the Demon Slayer Mark, so if you want to know more, you can also read it.

Intrigued by this familiarity, Kokushbo asks the demon slayer for his name. As Muichiro gives his full name, Kokushibo confirms that Muichiro is, in fact, his descendant.

The demon then reveals that before becoming a demon, he was part of the demon slayer corp and went by the name of Michikatsu Tsugikuni.

He then tells the demon slayer that he is a descendant of the child he left with the Tsugikuni family, thus making him Kokushibo’s descendent.

After hearing this, Muichiro goes into shock for a brief moment but calms himself.

Miuchiro's truth2

Kokushibo is impressed by his mental fortitude and strength. Muichro starts attacking him, but the demon easily evades them and quickly recognizes the mist breathing technique.

When Muichiro uses Mist Breathing Seventh Form: Obscuring Cloud, Kokushibo recognizes it as new and also deduces that Mist Hashira created it by himself, further impressing him.

Impressed by his descendant, the upper-rank one wants to make him a demon to serve Muzan but gets interrupted by Genya.

Muichiro Is Also Related To Yoriichi!

Muichiro is not only related to Kokushibo but is also the strongest demon slayer in history!

This was revealed during the Swordsmith Village arc. After receiving the Key to the Yoriichi Type Zero doll from Kotetsu, Muichiro goes to practice with the doll.

Later, when Tanjiro and Kotetsu see him practice, they are impressed by how Muichiro fought against the doll.

Tanjiro even remarked that despite Muichiro being a year younger than him, he still became the Mist Pillar.

Then Hashira’s Kasugai crow comes in and informs both that Muichiro is a descendent of a holder of the Sun Breathing Style.

Muichiro truth 3

In demon slayer history, there has been only one demon slayer capable of Sun Breathing: Yoriichi.

Yoriichi Tsukuguni was the user of Sun breathing and the progenitor of all breathing styles. He was revealed as the strongest demon slayer and nearly soloed Muzan.

As we have informed you that Kokushibo’s human name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni, you may have understood the relationship between him and Yoriichi.

Michikatsu was the older brother of Yoriichi, and thus Muichiro is also related to Yoriichi.


During the Infinity Castle Arc, it was revealed that before Kokushibo became a demon, he was known as Michikatsu Tsugikuni and was a demon slayer.

He revealed that Muichiro is a descendant of the child he left in the Tsugikuni family. Michikatsu was also the elder brother of the strongest demon slayer in history, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Thus, Muichiro was also related to the progenitor of all breathing styles, Yoriichi.