Demon Slayer: Why Did Ubuyashiki Sacrifice His Family In Season 4?

None have had such a massive impact on other characters like Ubuyashiki’s

Demon Slayer

While the deaths in Demon Slayer anime have been sad and hurtful, none have had such a massive impact on other characters like Ubuyashiki’s. 

This is because his plan led to the deaths of his wife and children along with him. 

But, why did he take such drastic actions? 

Why Did Ubuyashiki Sacrifice His Family

In the penultimate episode of Demon Slayer Season 4, Muzan pays a visit to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the head of the Demon Slayer Corps, at his residence.

demon slayer ubuyashiki


The two converse extensively about the past and a great deal more before the climax begins.

But before Muzan can kill the group’s leader, who is determined to destroy him, the mansion blows up, killing Ubuyashiki, his wife, and their two children and rendering the demon helpless.

The rest of the family won’t reappear in the trilogy of films, despite what would seem to be the setup for a classic anime fake-out.

At least not according to the source material.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, the remaining members of the Ubuyashiki family must take up the slack when the four members who were present at the mansion when the explosion occurred do not survive.

ubuyashiki mansion demon slayer

Although it’s not confirmed in the manga, it’s highly probable that Kagaya told his wife and children about his intentions.

Since the Ubuyashiki and Muzan have been at war for millennia, everyone is aware of the stakes, particularly in Season 4, when the Demon Slayers begin to gain the upper hand.

Although it is not pleasant to consider youngsters dying, at least two of the Ubuyashiki family members who do not live to be 30 were able to offer their lives in the service of something bigger.