What Is The Demon Slayer Mark In Demon Slayer?

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Within the dark and treacherous world of Demon Slayer, a glimmer of hope shines through in the form of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Equipped with unique skills and abilities, the members of this elite organization stand as humanity’s last line of defense.

And even among their rank, only the most gifted warriors have the opportunity to obtain a unique mark, called the “Demon Slayer Mark”.

This mark grants them superhuman strength, speed, and breathing methods.

In this article, we will dwell on what these marks are.

What is the Demon Slayer Mark?

Tanjiro Mark

The Demon Slayer mark is a mysterious marking that appears on a Demon Slayer under a particular condition. The mark can appear anywhere on the body, though it predominantly appears on the face and resembles the crests of demons.

Each mark of a demon slayer has a unique pattern and is based on their breathing styles.

Though its precise origin is unknown, it was first observed during the Sengoku period by the strongest demon slayer and the progenitor of the Breathing Style, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

To awaken it, one must withstand exceedingly dangerous conditions, with a heart rate of more than 200 beats per second and a body temperature of more than 39°C (102.2°F).

Furthermore, one must have made contact with someone who possesses the mark or has had one previously; otherwise, even enduring those harsh conditions one may not awaken it.

Though there are exceptions to this, as Yoriichi had the mark from his birth and Tanjiro also had the mark, though underdeveloped.

Boon of the Demon Slayer Mark:

When a demon slayer awakens their mark, they gain superhuman strength, speed, and their existing abilities and skills are enhanced.

These gains are on par with many upper-moon demons’ strengths!

Though the mark and its gains disappear after a period of time, they can be re-awakened. This was seen in the cases of Tanjiro and Muichiro.

These are not the only buffs the mark gives. The other abilities it provides are:

Bright Red Nichirin Sword:

Red Nichirin Swords have abilities to generate heat and also hamper demons’ regenerative abilities of demons similar to the Sun.

Some can also hamper the regeneration of the strongest upper moon demons and Demon King.

Bearers of the Mark are able to dye their Nichirin swords in shining red color by clashing their blade with other Marked Swordsman’s blades.

Alternatively, they can dye their Nichirin swords by griping them with tremendous force. We also see Nezuko turning  Tanjiro’s sword red by using flames produced by her Blood Demon Art.

Enhanced Physical Resistance:

As previously mentioned, the mark bearer’s physical strength and speed increase exponentially to the point that a Hashira-level demon slayer is able to overpower some upper-level demons and fight them on equal terms.

This is seen in the case of Mist Hashira Muichiro, where previously, he was unable to deal with upper-rank five demon Gyokko’s various techniques.

Though after awakening the mark, Muichiro easily overpowers and out speeds Gyokko even in the demon’s awakened form.

Transparent World:

Transparent world

Those who bear the Demon Slayer Mark can potentially gain access to this unique ability. It allows them to perceive the bodies of others as if their skin was transparent.

This enables them to track the blood flow, breathing, muscle movement, and joint movements of their opponent, allowing them to predict their movement and evade attacks.

Additionally, the user perceives the whole world in slow-motion, further increasing their reaction and movement speed.

Curse of the Demon Slayer Mark

The Demon Slayer Mark holds immense significance in battles against demons, particularly the upper moon demons. However, this powerful ability comes at a significant cost.

It is widely believed that demon slayers who awaken their Mark will meet an untimely demise before reaching the age of 25.

Kokushibo, the Upper-Rank One of the twelve Kizuki, stated that awakening the Mark simply shortens the lifespan of its bearers in exchange for increased power.


Gyomei, the Stone Hashira, describes it as sacrificing one’s lifespan in advance to obtain a stronger physique.

While this may seem like an unavoidable fate, there have been a few exceptions.

Kokushibo himself was one such case. Before becoming a demon, he was a demon slayer and the brother of Yoriichi.

Kokushibo DS

In order to survive the curse, he accepted Muzan’s offer to become a demon, and he managed to live for four more centuries.

Gyomei also defied the curse by awakening his Demon Slayer Mark after surpassing the age of 25. This unique circumstance led Kokushibo to predict that Gyomei would perish mere hours after awakening Mark.

While Gyomei did eventually meet his end in a battle against the demon king Muzan, it cannot be definitively attributed to the curse, as he had sustained mortal injuries from the Demon Lord.

The most exceptional case is Yoriichi himself. He defied the curse and lived for 80 years.

Many believe that this is due to the fact that he possessed the mark since birth, setting him apart from other demon slayers.


In conclusion, the Demon Slayer Mark is a double-edged sword. It grants tremendous power but also exacts a heavy toll on the bearer’s lifespan.

While the curse seems to hold true for most demon slayers, there have been notable exceptions that challenge the notion of an inevitable early demise.

The mysteries surrounding the Demon Slayer Mark continue to captivate and intrigue those who seek to understand its true nature and the sacrifices it demands.