What Is The Yoriichi Type Zero Doll In Demon Slayer? Explained

Yoriichi was the only person who was able to almost kill Muzan Kibutsuji. Did you know that there is a “fake” Yoriichi that still exists?

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Yoriichi Tsugikuni is widely regarded as the most powerful character in Demon Slayer. During his time, Yoriichi was the only person who was able to almost kill Muzan Kibutsuji. Did you know that there is a “fake” Yoriichi that still exists?

Let’s take a look at Yoriichi Type Zero Doll in detail!

What Is The Yoriichi Type Zero Doll?

In the third season’s second episode of Demon Slayer, we were introduced to a potent “secret weapon” that was concealed within the forest adjacent to the Swordsmith Village.

This weapon was a big battle doll produced by Kotetsu’s predecessors and maintained over the years. It had six arms, and each of them was outfitted with a katana.


The doll possessed extraordinary strength, surpassing that of an average human, and therefore, it was exclusively utilized by the most proficient Demon Slayers for training as they were the only ones capable of handling it.

The Yoriichi Type Zero doll was named after Yoriichi Tsukiguni, the first and most dominant Demon Slayer in the history of the Demon Slayer Corps, and was fashioned after him.

Although the doll was larger and had more arms than Yoriichi, it was unable to execute his techniques. Nevertheless, it remained incredibly strong and capable of utilizing 108 different moves that Yoriichi himself could use.

This made it an extremely powerful training tool, but with the passage of time and the damage it sustained, it has likely weakened over the years.

Despite its seemingly minor role, the Yoriichi Type Zero doll played a significant part at the beginning of the third season of Demon Slayer.

A discovery was made by Tanjiro during his training with the doll as well!

What Was Inside The Doll?

In the third season of the anime, it was revealed that the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll had a valuable object concealed within it.

When Mitsuri Kanroji informed Tanjiro about a possible “secret weapon,” he hurried to the forest near the Swordsmith Village to uncover it.

During his search, he stumbled upon Kotetsu and Muichiro, who were engaged in a dispute over the “secret weapon.” Muichiro wanted to damage it, but Kotetsu was determined to prevent him.

As Muichiro was stronger, he was able to forcibly acquire the key to activate the doll and battled with it.

yoriicho zero doll sword

During Tanjiro’s battle with the Yoriichi Type Zero doll, he managed to strike it and its head fell off, revealing a 300-year-old katana inside.

This was a significant discovery for Tanjiro, but soon after, Hotaru appeared and took the rusty sword, promising to clean and repair it into a usable weapon for Tanjiro.