Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Spoilers: Goku Vs Gohan IS REAL! Their Rematch Begins!

According to the spoilers, chapter 101 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Son Goku Vs Son Gohan”

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Ladies and gentlemen! It is time! The rematch we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 teased a friendly match between Goku and Gohan, and Toyotaro has finally delivered it!

In chapter 101, Trunks and Goten agreed to take out Gohan while Vegeta became Broly’s sensei, teaching him how to control his anger while still utilizing it to fuel his power. Meanwhile, Gohan got pretty pissed after seeing Carmine and No. 15, instantly transformed into his Beast mode, which tingled Goku and Vegeta’s Ki sensing abilities.

So Goku came to Earth to see what’s up and invited him for a sparring match.

The Dragon Ball official site released the draft pages of Chapter 102 and further spoilers were dropped by @DbsHype and @SupaChronicles!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 102 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Son Goku Vs Son Gohan”.

The chapter begins with Goku commenting on Gohan’s Ki, saying it was really impressive. Gohan was happy to see his dad, but him talking about his Ki caught him off guard. Goku is itching to spar with his son, but fighting there would destroy his home. So he told Gohan that they should go to Lord Beerus’ planet.

Goku wants Gohan to show him his technique so he can see how strong his son has become. Gohan says he’s not in his combat clothes (Piccolo’s gear) and Goku says he’ll give him some time to get properly dressed.

Goku spots Goten and Trunks and makes them get in Carmine’s car so that all of them can get insta-teleported to Beerus’ world all at once. Little did he know that Carmine and No. 15 were in the car, and just like Mr. Satan and Dende in the Kaioshin realm, they too were flabbergasted at the place they’d arrived at.

Meanwhile, Whis was giving Broly, Lemo and Cheelai some dance lessons. Vegeta is startled to see Trunks on the training ground.

Goku tells Gohan that he heard great things about his and Piccolo’s fight against the Red Ribbon Army. Gohan begins to explain the whole story, but Goku hilariously cuts in, saying “naah I’m bored now. Let’s spar!”

The last time Goku and Gohan fought was just before the Tournament of Power. Well, at least that is the case in the anime.

Goku asks about his transformation, wondering whether it is a version of Super Saiyan 2 or 3. But Gohan says “Nope. It’s Beast”

Gohan confirms in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 that the name Gohan Beast was given by Piccolo and that Piccolo trained him to transform at will and control it. Gohan also mentions that he finally understands what his dad said way back in the Buu Saga about using anger as a source of power and controlling it can make him undefeatable.

Regarding Piccolo, Gohan mentions that he has grown stronger too (referring to his Orange form) and Goku replies by saying he wants to spar with Piccolo after exchanging blows with Gohan. Vegeta asks whether Trunks was part of the fight against the Red Ribbon Army, to which Trunks replies that he had indeed played a big role, along with Goten and he wishes Vegeta had watched their combo attacks.

Then, out of nowhere, Vegeta requested that Goten and Trunks spar with Gohan first before Gohan sparred with Goku. The boys thought they could have a chance if they fight together but their lack of training became apparent.

Their fusion dance training, that is.

Goten and Trunks adorn their Saiyaman outfits, while Gohan turns Super Saiyan. The teen-duo charged up to Gohan, hurdling various punches and kicks for Gohan to easily block.

After realizing that using Gohan’s own Saiyaman persona against him wouldn’t work, Goten and Trunks turned Super Saiyan and began performing their combo moves, the ones Trunks hyped about to Vegeta.

The duo proclaimed that they trained hard to protect their loved ones and Gohan claims the same applies to him.

After a while, Gohan turns into his Ultimate form, which Trunks calls cheating. Apparently, Gohan had no idea his form was called “Ultimate Gohan,” but the duo says that’s the name they’ve given the transformation.

Goten and Trunks decide to do fusion and Trunks fails to align his fingers once again, resulting in a fat Gotenks. Everyone in the scene looks embarrassed to see such a pathetic state. So Gohan wastes no time kicking Gotenks in the air (Team Rocket style) and wins the match.

Now that was done, Goku stepped in and wasted no time transforming into his silver-haired Ultra Instinct form, which Beerus confirms to be his strongest form. Goku says to Gohan that he too should hurry up and transform into his Beast mode.

Once Gohan did, both Goku and Vegeta were flabbergasted to see the spike in Gohan’s Ki.

Goku vs Gohan FINALLY BEGINS. Gohan matched Goku’s speed as the latter tested his sparring partner’s power. Both of them smile as they emit planet-shattering power!

Their clashes caused shockwaves that shook Beerus’ entire planet. Beerus asks Whis to put a barrier around them (Gohan and Goku) to prevent their attacks from destroying his beautiful and precious planet. And that’s where the chapter ends.

The editor’s note reads: “The strongest father-son showdown in the Universe has finally begun!”

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 will officially release on Viz and Mangaplus on Feb 20, 2024 (Tuesday).

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