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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Spoilers: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Gohan Beast Incoming??!

According to the spoilers, chapter 101 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Carmine and No.15”.


After one year of painstakingly waiting every month for new content, the Super Hero arc retelling in the Dragon Ball Super manga has finally ended with the release of Chapter 100.

And Chapter 101 couldn’t be more HYPE! By setting up Goku vs Gohan at the end of the chapter, fans are beyond excited for the new arc (whatever it is)!

Toyotaro really baited the fandom with the draft pages, making them think it’s going to be another Trunks and Goten show. But the dude proved once again that it ain’t right to judge the entire chapter merely based on drafts.

The Dragon Ball official site released the draft pages of Chapter 101 and further spoilers were dropped by @DbsHype and @SupaChronicles!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 101 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Carmine and No.15”.

The chapter opens with Carmine and No. 15 dressed in black, returning from Magenta’s funeral. The Red Ribbon Army has lost its base and the majority of its troops. But Carmine comments that they still have funds to recreate the army if they want to, but it’s impossible with Piccolo and Gohan around, especially since they’re the ones that fought Cell Max.

Carmine was Magenta’s right-hand man, and the No. 15 is not an entirely new Android, but the dude who accompanied Piccolo to kidnap Pan and invite Gohan to fight the Gammas at the Red Ribbon Army hideout.

Carmine and #15’s car is stalled in traffic while Saiyaman X1 (Trunks) fights bank robbers in the middle of the road. Carmine is taken aback when X1 uses a single-finger tap to send a burglar flying. X2 (Goten) then emerges from the bank, kicking another robber’s ass. Carmine is astounded by how quickly the robbers were apprehended.

Trunks and Goten began their superhero journey from the prequel arc of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero where they attend highschool with Mai.

Carmine suggests they meet at “Red Pizza” for a chat. Over pizza, Carmine tells the boys that he needs their aid to beat a bad guy, and that if they do, he’ll pay them heftily.

X1 and X2 decline the invitation, but Carmine taunts them by claiming that they are terrified of this strong, wicked guy. Trunks becomes enthused, exclaiming, “No one can match our levels.” However, Carmine tells them the same world-ending story that Magenta told to Dr. Hedo—a covert organization plotting to take over Earth.

Goten, on the other hand, doesn’t give a damn and starts posing for his female fans.

Trunks agrees to help Carmine battle the evil person after some deliberation because he wants to show Mai a video of some of his cool moments during the fight. So they depart for Gohan’s home.

Meanwhile, on Beerus’ planet, Vegeta faces off against Broly on Beerus’ planet. Broly unleashes a succession of blasts, which Vegeta effortlessly deflects before sneaking behind him and whispering in his ears with a pleased smile, “Are you going mad, Broly?”

He takes Broly’s punch directly to the face and responds, “There’s nothing wrong with being angry. All Saiyans derive their power from their anger. Your only problem is that you lose control of yourself.”

Vegeta then transforms into a Super Saiyan and continues lecturing Broly: “Don’t contain your wrath! “Control it!!” provoking Broly into going wild in order to defeat him, but Broly suppresses his inner rage anyway.

Goku is concerned that Broly may go mad again, but Whis observes that things have changed slightly.

Goku has no idea what Whis means by this, but Broly shows why by quickly gaining the upper hand in the battle. Vegeta lowers his Ki and hides behind a tree, but Broly calms his senses down and thinks before hitting Vegeta.

After watching these developments, Goku and Whis are both pleased to see Broly’s growth, but now the actual training begins. As Vegeta says, it’s important that Broly doesn’t become angry during the fight, because if he does, he won’t be able to demonstrate his full strength.

So, Broly must find a way to unleash his true strength. Goku tells him to transform into a Super Saiyan, but Broly says it’s difficult for him to do that (for some reason).

Cheelai enters the scene and says, “Geez, you guys are so carefree. Say, what would you do if Frieza showed up here right now? Black Frieza… you said it was a nightmare, right?

Goku replies by saying,Yeah, it’s a nightmare… He’s a bad guy, but he’s so amazing. He trained and surpassed us in a short time…”

Beerus cuts in and tells Goku that there’ll always be someone above him, so he just needs to continue training. “If you can surpass me, I will recommend you to be the next God of Destruction,” offers the cat-like deity. But Goku nods his head, saying he has no interest in becoming a God of Destruction…

Earlier, Beerus felt danger and wanted to know what was going on on Earth, so he asked Whis. Whis tells him that a horrible monster called Cell Max had emerged, but that Piccolo, Goku’s kid, and others had defeated it. Beerus has forgotten all about Goku’s son.

Vegeta: Bulma said that Gohan was so great at that time that he might have surpassed us.

Goku: Woah! Wish I could’ve seen that!! Well, I was in the middle of a fight with Vegeta, so I didn’t know what was going on.

Vegeta: Fufu. Ah, right. The fight where you lost to me.

The chapter then cuts to Goten and Trunks reaching their destination. But Goten realizes it’s the same area where Gohan lives. Both start to worry as they’ve been sneaking out to be Heroes during school time.

Upon reaching the location, Goten and Trunks are scared, so they don’t leave the car. Carmine comes out and fires blank shots in the air. Gohan comes out running in his study outfit. He catches the bullets from Carmine’s gun. Gohan recognizes Carmine and #15 as Pan’s kidnapper, gets angry, and suddenly transforms into his Beast form, breaking his glasses.

Back on Beerus’ world, Goku and Vegeta sense Gohan’s Ki signature and teleport to Earth.

Carmine calls out Saiyamen to fight Gohan, but they don’t. Gohan notices Goten and Trunks and asks them to explain what they’re doing there with the Red Ribbon Army. Gohan goes back to his base form. Just then, Goku comes to Earth as he teleports on top of the car and says, “Yo, everyone! It’s been a while, isn’t it?”

And the chapter ends here. But the tease for Goku vs Gohan is given in the editor’s note, which states, “Goku appears in a somewhat complicated situation. Is Goku thinking about doing that?”

“That” probably refers to Goku’s desire to fight strong opponents, and he wants to resume his training with Gohan, just like he did in the anime before the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 will officially release on Viz and Mangaplus on Jan 18, 2024 (Thursday).

Spoilers Source: Official Site, Twitter