Boruto Chapter 78 Spoilers: Boruto Gets His Iconic Scar, Sasuke Attacks Kawaki!

Kawaki tries to kill Boruto again to fulfill his promise

Kawaki fighting
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The leaks for Boruto chapter 78 surfaced just a few hours ago, and they are already trending on Twitter!

The spoilers for the chapter build up heavily toward the climax of the arc as Kawaki and Boruto start to fight!

Disclaimer: These are unofficial leaks of the chapter, please read at your own discretion.

Boruto Chapter 77 Recap:

Boruto chapter 77 showed Kawaki’s paranoia, leading him to seal both Naruto and Hinata in a different dimension. 

The chapter mainly focuses on Kawaki’s decision, including important dialogues like his statement of annihilating all Otstsukis in existence, including Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 78 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “A Big Fool”/ “Big Idiot”.

The chapter starts off with everyone panicked because of Naruto and Hinata’s sudden disappearance. Their chakra signatures cannot be detected, leading to Shikamaru asking Eida if Kawaki did this.

She replies that yes, Kawaki did it. We also get a look at how her Senrigan works!

As soon as Boruto hears about Kawaki’s involvement, he runs to the scene. While Boruto is about to leave, Eida gives him a warning that Kawaki is going to kill him “again”.

Sarada immediately asks “What do you mean, kill him again?”

Sarada then decides to chase after Boruto, as she can’t leave him alone when in danger.

The scene then switches to Kawaki attacking Boruto above the Hokage statues and confirming that he sealed Naruto and Hinata. He then states that they are in a dimension where time is stopped, so they won’t age or starve to death.

However, he also tells Boruto that he will never see them again.

Kawaki then attacks Boruto using his cubes. Boruto doesn’t attack back and tried to talk Kawaki out of his decision, but to no avail.

Kawaki simply states that Boruto has to die since he is an Otsutsuki. This leaves Boruto with no choice but to attack in self-defense.

As the fight continues, Kawaki seems to have the upper hand, and he went for the final punch on Boruto. However, Boruto retaliates and says “you can talk yourself out of this one you bastard”.

Just as the fight gets more serious, Sarada enters the scene and tries to break the fight. Kawaki warns her that if she tries to protect Boruto, he will kill her too.

Boruto asks Sarada to run away, as he knows that Kawaki will not hesitate. However, she replies “As the future Hoakge…how can I let that happen!!”.

Kawaki simply prepares to kill Sarada, and says “As I thought…you shinobis are doomed to die an early death”.

He uses his powers to get jump on Sarada instantly. However, Boruto leaps in and saves Sarada.

In the process, he gets his iconic eye scar! Simultaneously, Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and Mitsuki also show up at the scene.

Shikamaru uses his shadow paralysis jutsu to stop Kawaki from moving, and Mitsuki uses his long hands to constrict Kawaki.

Then, suddenly, Sasuke also makes an entrance and says “It’s over Kawaki. I’m sorry but if you resist, I’ll have to kill you” as he holds his sword on Kawaki’s neck.

At the same time, Momoshiki suddenly awakens inside Boruto! He gets rid of Shimakaru’s shadow paralysis and tells Kawaki to run away, leaving everyone bewildered.

On the last page, Momoshiki tells Boruto “You’ve lost it little boy, the blue eye!” The chapter ends with this cliffhanger which has left the community scratching their heads.