Boruto: Eida’s Senrigan Explained

Eida Boruto
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Since her debut in chapter 56, Eida has been turning heads and making people fall for her! Today, we’re going to explain Senrigan, the dojutsu that makes her so strong!


First appearing in chapter 57, Senrigan literally means “clairvoyance” and is an artificial Dojutsu created by Amado. 

The kanjis individually mean, “thousand ri eye”. The  “thousand ri” when translated becomes a thousand miles. This is a metaphor indicating the eye’s abilities! 

In chapter 75 of the manga, Amado revealed that he was in possession of a Otstutsuki’s dead body. Named Shibai, this Otsutsuki is the Otsutsuki God mentioned previously in the manga!

Apparently, his clairvoyance was the strongest, with the ability to revert any form of damage dealt towards him, and the Senrigan is made using some of his powers as well! 


Visually, the patterns of the dojutsu changed depending on its state. When in use, Ada’s eye changes shape, as seen in chapter 61 while she was keeping an eye on Kawaki and could even understand that Kawaki was trying to hide his Chakra Signature! 

Eida Senrigan Explained Boruto


Exclusive to Ada, the Senrigan is arguably the most overpowered Dojutsu in history. Ada can project her consciousness to any location to see and hear any present event, as well as any past event up to the moment of her birth. Essentially, Ada has all the real-time intel you might ever need. 

Eida explains Senrigan Boruto

So depending on her age, if she is older than 18, then she can watch the Fourth Shinobi war like a movie! If she gets bored, she can catch up on daily news by listening to Naruto and Shikamaru’s discussions at the Hokage’s office!

This Dojutsu is quite possibly Amado’s greatest creation. I mean, how can a mere human create an eye that contains the powers of the Gods and can turn the tides of battle and in some cases, win one before the “true” battle even starts?

So far, this is all that we know about the Senrigan. Stick around to know more!