Boruto: How Did Naruto Get Sealed?

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Boruto manga has revealed one of the biggest plot twists the series has had. Chapter 77 tells us the truth behind Kawaki’s words regarding Naruto in chapter 1.

How Did Naruto Get Sealed:

The simple answer is that Kawaki sealed Naruto in chapter 77 of the manga. After what Kawaki calls a thought-out decision, Kawaki decides to seal both Naruto and Hinata in a different dimension.

The chapter begins with the two brothers arguing as Kawaki clutches Boruto to tell him the truth about what Momoshiki was discussing with him. Meanwhile, Sarada was trying to calm to two down and focus on their mission to accommodate Ada and Daemon.

Shikamaru and Kawaki chapter 77 Boruto Manga

Shikamaru warns Kawaki to stop and remember Naruto’s face when he witnessed his son die in Chapter 67. After this, Kawaki finally calms down and lets Boruto go. The former vessel of Isshiki then begins his spiral down a darker path. He suddenly abandons the mission and leaves the house.

Kawaki then erases his chakra so that nobody can track his whereabouts. Furthermore, he even uses Sukunahikona to become completely untrackable.

He then reappears after escaping his mission in front of Naruto and Hinata inside their house. He explains the incompetence of Konoha’s surveillance along with indirectly pointing out the flaws of the shinobi way.

This links back to Kawaki’s belief that the ninja system is outdated and his statement in the time-skip “The Age of Shinobi is Over reigning more true than ever.

Kawaki proceeds to confess his feelings on how grateful he is to Naruto. This is why he tells him “I will do anything to protect you, even die without hesitation.” He continues to explain how the world is full of bad people, like the Otsutsuki and it’s the good people, like shinobi who die first.

As Kawaki wanders even deeper into becoming a yandere, he makes his big statement.

Kawaki declares that he will kill Borutoalong with every other Otsutsuki in the world to bring about peace.

Kawaki's decision boruto chapter 77

As if it wasn’t enough, Kawaki states that he felt guilt for failing to kill Boruto. A crying Hinata slaps him, screaming that no decent human would ever say that.

While Naruto tries to calm Hinata down, Kawaki states that he agrees with her as no one would think of killing their brother. Hinata and Naruto continue to try to get their adoptive son to rethink his plan, but it’s no use.

Suddenly, a portal opens up as Kawaki seals his parents away in a separate dimension, to prevent them from watching Boruto die.

Kawaki seals Naruto

Will Naruto Ever Come Back:

Yes. As Kawaki stated himself, he plans on unsealing Naruto after killing Boruto, Ada, Daemon, and Code. However, this doesn’t mean that Naruto is coming back anytime soon. Considering the first page that hints at Boruto and Kawaki fighting after a time skip, we cannot be sure.

However, it will certainly be interesting to see how Naruto and Hinata would react to whatever comes out as the final conclusion.