Gojo Satoru Is FINALLY Unsealed In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221!

Gojo Satoru has made his comeback in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga after more than three years in chapter 221.

Gojo Satoru
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The moment Jujutsu Kaisen fans have been waiting for is here. Gojo Satoru, the goofy sensei and the strongest sorcerer, has finally made his comeback!

According to the leaks and spoilers posted to Twitter, Gojo is out of the Prison Realm, thanks to Angel (Hana Kurusu) using her nullification cursed technique.

In the previous chapter, we had seen Yuji and his gang gather to prepare for the final battle against Kenjaku and Sukuna. The latter, who is currently inhabiting Megumi Fushiguro’s body has more than earned his fearsome title of “King of Curses” by showing off his incomparable strength.

And in this situation, the only one who had any chance to defeat Sukuna was Gojo Satoru. It was imperative for his allies to free him, thus, it was a key goal in their Culling Game strategy.

Gojo’s unsealing

The chapter leaks reveal that Kenjaku buried the front of Prison Realm 800 meters down the ground. However, as soon as Angel used her power, Jacob’s Ladder on the back of the Prison Realm, it disappeared.

Jacobs Ladder JJK

Gojo’s comeback was literally earth-shattering, as there was an earthquake felt upon his return! He reappeared in the manga after more than 1185 days i.e., 3 years, although it has only been 19 days in the JJK universe.

According to Angel, this time might have seemed like 100 years to Gojo because time does not flow normally in the Prison Realm.

This major development only got crazier as Gojo had a standoff with Kenjaku, and later on, even Sukuna!

How did Gojo get sealed?

Gojo sealing

From the start of the series, we know that Gojo is the ceiling of power in JJK. His strength is unrivalled by any other character in the series. Due to this, he was a major hindrance to Kenjaku’s plan for Culling Games. However, killing him was impossible, which is why Kenjaku decided to seal him inside a cursed object, Prison Realm.

For this purpose, he also orchestrated the Shibuya Incident on 31st October 2018, at the Shibuya Station. Here, he erected a barrier to trap civilians in it, forcing Gojo Satoru to enter.

Kenjaku’s strategy was to overwhelm Gojo through the cursed spirits – Mahito, Jogo, Choso, and Hanami – and then land the killing attack.

He knew that the shock value of Gojo seeing his dead best friend, Geto Suguru’s body, would be enough to trap him. Kenjaku had two conditions to fulfil:

  1. Gojo had to be kept within a four-meter radius for the Prison Realm to take hold.
  2. He had to be within the radius for a minute’s worth of time.

Kenjaku reavels his is geto

Seeing Geto’s body made time come to a standstill for Gojo as his mind rapidly rushed through 3 years of his high school life, fulfilling both the conditions and successfully trapping him.

Fans Reaction

Now that Gojo is back, the fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are ecstatic as their reactions on Twitter clearly show:

JJK 221 reaction3.jpeg JJK 221 reaction2.jpeg Jacobs Ladder JJKWhat do you think of this massive development? Let us know in the comments below!