Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 220: Culling Game Ending Revealed, Angel Survives!

JJK chapter 220 reveals Kenjaku’s plan to end the Culling Game, Angel survives and Yuji gets newfound hope!

JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 220 will be released on April 15, though the leaks for the manga have arrived. Kenjaku revealed the ending of the culling game and Angel has survived.

As these are spoilers always take them with a pinch of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 219 Recap:

In Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 219, the Heian Era flashback was shown where the people held a festival for Sukuna in order to not receive his hostility.

We also learned how Yorozu fell in love with Sukuna at first sight and later got killed by him. In the present, Yorozu creates a perfect sphere and activates her domain but Sukuna summons Mahoraga, destroying the Domain.

Yorozu is defeated and gives him a parting gift before dying. The chapter ends with Megumi crying and sinking deeper into the Abyss after killing his sister Tsumiki.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 220 Spoilers:

The chapter starts by showing the prison realm where Gojo is currently trapped and Kenjaku now has 309 points.

Kenjaku asks Kogane to close the entry of new players into the Culling game but gets rejected. He then says that Tengen’s barriers are essential to suppress the birth of curses and there are a total of four main Joukai which enhance the accuracy of the barrier curse technique.

Kenjaku then goes on to inform that The four Joukais which are meant to enhance the precision of Barrier techniques are:

  • Imperial Palace
  • Star Corridor under Jujutsu High
  • Yamakuni-no-Misaki joukai
  • Hidareizan-joukai

He then continues by saying that the culling game is a Bonkai made using Tengen’s Joukai barriers as a base thus making Tengen Game master of sorts.

After the Shibuya incident, if these Joukai were released then the culling game would have ended. Tengen did not release them as then the sorcerers would have to restart the know-how of how to fight curses and use barrier techniques from 1000 years ago.

Kenjaku then threatens Kogane to answer his command else he will forcefully end the culling game by destroying the barriers. This is only possible now as he has Tengen now.

He then explains to Tengen that he is doing this to create a bug in the system. Kogane would choose the option in favour of making the culling game everlasting.

Kogane then gives up and adds the rule which bans the entry of new players in the culling game from 9:09 pm, 18th November 2018. He then makes Kogane add one more rule where the culling game will end when all players except Geto and Megumi are dead.

Tengen then asks why hasn’t he demolished the Joukai and ended the culling game. Kenjaku replies he needs the Joukai barrier to merge with him.

The chapter then cuts to some unknown place and we see Sukuna’s Mummified corpse. Kenjaku plans to give it back to Sukuna.

The scene switches to Maki and Ui Ui. They discuss, how Kenjaku can end the culling game if he eliminates everyone except Sukuna. Maki replies by saying, they can end the culling game by killing Kenjaku and Sukuna.

On the next page, we go back in time to when Sukuna threw Hana after chomping her left arm, and we are shown that Yuji’s friend Amai saved her.

Back in present, we see that she is being treated by Shoko. Yuta arrives and apologizes for rushing in, and advises Hana not to engage in battles anymore.

He then asks if Angel can switch vessels but it replies it can’t. Angles explains that many sorcerers including her joined Kenjaku’s plan because no one knew how to become a cursed object after death. Only Sukuna has succeeded in becoming a cursed object after death.

We then switch to Amai reflecting on his wrongdoings. Yuji thanks Amai for saving Hana. Amai questions if Yuji can fight now, as Sukuna has no more in his body.

He replies by saying, it doesn’t matter as he never got help from him anyway and continues by recollecting that Shoko told him that he is like a cursed object which is dipped in the cursed energy of Sukuna. Yuji then says, “I will eat anything to kill him.”

He then joins Yuta, Maki, Choso, Hakari, Kashimo, Kirara, Momo and Miwa.

Choso then handovers Yuji a book from Yuki. It is a study report she made on the back gate of Prison Realm. Yuji gives condolences for his brothers but Choso replies, ” If they can live in you that’s fine.”

Shoko remembers when Gojo once said he won’t let anyone be alone. She then says, “I was there, what did you mean by alone, stupid? There are many around. These great guys are waiting for your return. Come Back Gojo”

The chapter then ends by showing the back of the prism realm. There will not be a break next week, so stay tuned for the next instalment.

You can read the chapter when it comes out on Viz Media’s official website.