Black Clover: What Happened To Nacht’s Brother Morgen?

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In chapter 354 of Black Clover, Lucius arrives at the Nobel Realm where all the Magic Knights are stationed and waiting for him. On Lucius’ arrival, we see Nacht blow a hole in Jack the reaper and sever his arm.

At that time realizing the use of light magic Yami utters ‘Morgen’, to which the attacker confirms not being Nacht but Morgen. If you are wondering who is Morgen or how Morgen got here? Then worry not, in this article we will tell you exactly that.

Who Is Morgen?

We are first introduced to Morgen in chapter 285, where we learn that Morgen is Nacht’s twin brother. The chapter reveals that Nacht was a big troublemaker (with Yami his partner in crime) whereas Morgen was a kind and loving person and was loved by everyone.

Relation Between Nacht And Morgen

Morgen and Nacht
Nacht (Left) and Morgen (Right)

Nacht and Morgen belonged to the noble house of Faust. Morgen had light magic and always wanted to help everyone so he became a magic knight.

He joined the Gray Deer Squad which Yami later joins and becomes friends with Morgen.

Knowing Nacht’s potential, Morgen would always request Nacht but he would refuse as he did not find anything fun in being a magic knight.

What Happened With Morgen?

When Nacht turned 18, his parents revealed to him that Faust House has been devoted to studying the devils and forbidden magic. Nacht gets tempted and started studying the devils.

In a short period of time, Nacht is able to make a contract with four devils and is able to completely control their powers. Impressed by this feat Nacht’s father asks him to summon the supreme devil Lucifugus and gives him a bracelet for it.

Morgen has already known about his family and had come to the ceremony instead of reporting it to the magic knights. Morgen discloses himself and then tries to persuade Nacht to not attempt the summoning.

Nacht with his mind filled with the arrogance of previous successes ignores and performs a successful summon but as the devil comes forth Nacht’s body physically freezes and the demon kills his parents.

Morgen’s Sacrifice

Morgen Saves Nacht

Seeing his parents die Morgen jumps in to save Nacht and breaks the bracelet, severing Nacht’s contact with the devil and sending the devil back to the underworld.

As Morgen interfered in the ritual and stopped it abruptly the ritual takes morgen’s life. Nacht then takes Morgen’s appearance and joins the magic knight to fulfil Morgen’s dream of saving people.

How Did Morgen Come Back In the Latest Chapter?

Nacht as a palladin

You must be wondering if Morgen died, then how he came back to life in the recent chapter.

In chapter 350, sister Lily informs Asta that Lucius is combining the Zogratis sibling’s body, blood, and soul magic to achieve god-like power.

With this power, he can change human minds and bodies as he likes and can even create people from nothing. This is how he was able to bring Morgen back as a Paladin alongside giving him purified the devil’s power which Morgen used to make hole in Jack’s body.

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