Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Gojo Satoru Come Back? The Ultimate Copium Theory!

Nanami not only reveals that there is life after death, but also gives us the hope we need! 

jujutsu kaisen gojo isnt dead
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Nanami confirms that Gojo’s interaction in chapter 236 is not a dream or a hallucination.

As Nanami reveals to Gojo of his own final moments, where he was comforted by Haibara’s spirit as we saw in chapter 120.

Nanami’s final moments are obviously not possible to generate with Gojo’s own memories of his friends.

The concept of the soul living in another world might go further to explain how the dead can interact with the living, and how Geto’s body managed to choke Kenjaku out.

But Nanami not only reveals that there is life after death, but also gives us the hope we need! 

Why Gojo Is Not Dead, Explained

Okay, hear me out! 

When questioned about his death, Nanami explained to Gojo on how there are Curses that can help a person live.

He said that it is like a burden left upon the shoulders of those alive.

This leaves them no choice but to continue, just like how Nanami did with Yuji in chapter 120.

Likewise, Jujutsu works the same way, giving the sorcerer no choice but to persevere.

Nanami then proceeds to give an analogy on the direction one can take after their death.

He brings up Mei Mei’s recommendation on where to migrate.

Nanami talks about life after death jjk

Nanami states that if you want to become a new version of yourself, go North. 

If you want to return to your old self go South.

Nanami then confirmed that he had gone South. He stated that a pessimist like him in his final moments had to bet towards the future.

This meant leaving the world behind and relying on the next generation to handle their own problems.

It also meant as a person he could return to a time when he was happy.

However, Gojo is the polar opposite of Nanami, which is why he believes that Gojo outlived him.

Gojo also remembers Principal Yaga’s statement that all sorcerers die with regrets.

Gojo wishes that the feeling of satisfaction that he’s experiencing right now isn’t just some pipe dream.

He hopes to see everyone at the end.

gojo talks about dying

Because, if this is what’s at the end of the tunnel Gojo wouldn’t mind going North!

This would make him a new version of himself before actually dying.

Gojo even admits that he used jujutsu as a means to satisfy himself.

Hence, this is the rebirth for Gojo to now live to protect, as someone who is humbled again with a new perspective.

To further prove Gojo’s rebirth, we also see imagery of lotuses, and in Buddhism, these flowers represent purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness, which in Gojo’s case is to his students.

The lotus also symbolizes strength, resilience, and rebirth of the soul, and Gojo finally losing, being humbled and then still coming back is just that.

In fact, this relates back to Buddha himself as when he was a baby, he took 7 steps north and with each step a lotus flower appeared on the ground.

Throughout Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo has been portrayed and even compared as the honored one akin to Bhudda. 

However, Buddha only attained the title and enlightenment after fasting and finally broke the fast by eating. 

In the same way, Gojo losing here is important for the real “enlightenment”. 

And, to solidify how Gojo will return, chapter 235 essentially confirms his Cursed Energy and Reversed Cursed Technique returned due to his multiple uses of Black Flash, and his first fight against Toji taught us the important fact: If his head’s intact, then he will come back.

Gojo dead

With his upper half undamaged, Gojo is easily able to maintain his heartbeat, until Yuta and Shoko can arrive to patch him up.

We also have Yuji who just learned his Soul Swap ability, in a worst-case scenario he might be able to save Gojo’s soul, or move it to another body or cursed object, similar to Sukuna. 

Many fans believe that Gojo will come back, but what side are you on?