Yuji Itadori Gets A New Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 222?!

It seems like Itadori’s Cursed Technique has finally manifested!

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Jujutsu Kaisen

As Jujutsu Kaisen is nearing its climax, we’ve had some major reveals and incidents! We recently saw Gojo get unsealed, Sukuna’s master play to switch bodies, and more!

In chapter 222 of the manga, we had another such moment revolving around Itadori. It seems like Itadori’s Cursed Technique has finally manifested!

However, to understand why and how Yuji got this CT, let’s take a look at all the factors that led to this moment!

An EXTRAordinary Boy:

From chapter 1 of the manga, we’re made accustomed to Itadori’s superhuman abilities. In the chapter, we saw him casually break national records, jump floors, and take massive hits.

During the school incident, we also saw him becoming able enough to see curses even though he lacked any innate Cursed Technique. By the end of the first episode, it becomes clear that Itadori has some insane potential, having survived after eating Sukuna’s finger.

Yuji Itadori Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori practically faced zero repercussions for consuming one of the strongest cursed objects, a one-in-a-million chance. Apart from being the perfect vessel, Itadori was also able to create Divergent Fist which uses cursed energy in a unique and interesting way.

Furthermore, Itadori was able to master Black Flash in just one fight! This technique is so hard to master that we’ve only seen a handful of users in the verse. But, there has to be some logical reasoning for Itadori’s supernatural abilities, right?

Itadori’s Origins:

While fans have always speculated about the cause, author Gege confirmed the reason behind Itadori’s supernatural ability in chapter 143 of the manga.

In the chapter, we see a small section where Itadori’s father, Jin, is having a conversation with his dad. Itadori’s grandfather pleads Jin to stay away from “that” woman, and that he’d die if he stays with her. While Jin ignores it and focuses on baby Itadori, the woman in question enters the scene.

Itadori's mom

She asks what they’re talking about. This woman looks a bit creepy, and has a scar on her forehead. It is the same scar as Geto’s!

This means that Itadori is actually a cursed womb (Death Paintings), just like Choso and his brothers. This made Itadori a brother of Choso and the others, as seen in chapter 136 of the manga.

Even in chapter 105 of the manga, Sukuna comments on how Itadori lost to an inferior one, clearly making a reference.

While the latter were failures, Itadori became Kenjaku’s magnum opus.

Kenjaku was able to create a superhuman being capable enough to easily contain Sukuna, the King of Curses. In chapter 210 of the manga, Sukuna stated that Itadori was a cage, rather than a vessel.

To create something like this, Kenjaku obviously had to make Itadori to be insanely durable physically and mentally as well, which leads us to Itadori’s cursed technique.

What Is Yuji Itadori’s Cursed Technique?

From chapter 222 of Jujutsu Kaisen, it seems like Itadori’s Cursed Technique is soul-swapping. 

Earlier, fans believed that Itadori’s cursed technique was memory manipulation. This was because how Choso and Todo believed Itadori to be their brothers, which saved his life multiple times.

However, author Gege Akutami confirmed that Itadori’s cursed technique wasn’t memory manipulation in an interview.

Additionally, since the beginning of the series, it has been emphasized that Itadori has a good understanding of the soul. This chain explicitly begins with his first fight against Mahito, who introduces the concept of the “shape of the soul”. Both of the characters have had long discussions about this, even amongst themselves.

Itadori was able to understand the shape of his soul as he co-existed with Sukuna inside one physical body. Since Itadori kept his individuality and was able to maintain it, he could feel the shape of his soul, just like Mahito, who uses it to alter his body.

Itadori new cursed technique chp 222

Now, chapter 222 of the manga provides us with clear evidence during his practice with Kusakabe as the two switch bodies.

Does Yuji’s Cursed Technique Reveal Make Sense:

While the Cursed Technique was certainly a surprise, it wasn’t out of the realm of plausibility. This isn’t an unusual technique or one of its kind that we’ve never seen before.

Kenjaku has been alive since the Hein Era at the very least, using a similar technique. Even Tengen does the same, as she needs a body to take over and remain human every 500 years.

Furthermore, Sukuna himself did the same and latched onto Megumi’s body in chapter 212 of the manga.

Sukuna takeover Fushigoro
Sukuna in Megumi’s body

Since the moment Sukuna left Itadori’s body, he had become something similar to a cursed object. This is because remnants of Sukuna’s cursed energy still remain in Itadori, and he essentially has similar properties to a Sukuna finger.

The Perfect Antithesis For Sukuna + Conclusion:

It is kind of ironic how Sukuna throwing away Yuji led to the latter unlocking his cursed technique. This was foreshadowed in the first few chapters of the manga, where Gojo speculated that Sukuna’s cursed technique will imbue itself in Yuji’s body eventually.

And, it is certain that this technique is going to play a major role in the final fight of Jujutsu Kaisen. While we don’t know the limitations and conditions for the technique, there’s a reason why Sukuna and Kenjaku, some of the strongest characters in the series possess it.

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