Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna’s Furnace Fire Explained! Every Time Sukuna Used Furnace Fire

Furnace Fire is extremely strong, using which Sukuna killed Jogo, a special-grade volcano cursed spirit.

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In the latest Jujutsu Kaisen chapter, we saw Sukuna unleash his furnace fire and kill one of the most loved characters.

Although the chapter explains how strong the furnace fire is, it also adds up all the binding vows, making it difficult to understand.

So, in this article, we will break down what Sukuna’s ultimate technique is and all the binding vows around it.

Sukuna’s Ultimate Technique: Furnace Fire

Sukuna’s cursed technique is called Shrine, and the primary attacks of this technique are Cleave and Dismantle, which we have already discussed previously.

You can read about them here.

In the same article, we also discussed the extension of his shrine technique, which we then named the redacted technique. This redacted technique is Furnace Fire, or just Furnace.

To use this technique, Sukuna must first have used both Cleave and Dismantle on his enemies.

Furnace Fire is extremely strong, using which Sukuna killed Jogo, a special-grade volcano cursed spirit.

It is also the technique that one-shot Megumi’s Mahoraga. However, it also has its limitations.

Despite the pure firepower that furnace fire has, it lacks speed and accuracy compared to other shrine techniques.

Sukuna furnace fire

To compensate for this, Sukuna created a binding vow. Due to this, when used outside Sukuna’s domain, this technique can only be used against one target.

This allowed Sukuna to not only reduce everything to dust inside his domain but also coat everything in cursed energy, creating fuel for his flames, like a furnace.

During his fight against the sorcerers, Sukuna maintained his domain’s output by altering the domain’s functionality to only allow the entry of living beings inside his domain, making it airtight.

This caused the burned matter inside the domain to repeatedly detonate, getting compressed and decompressed again and again, resulting in the death of every living thing trapped in the domain.

Even Mahoraga could not have survived this attack.

Every time Sukuna Used Furnace Flame In Manga!

1) Sukuna vs. Jogo

During the Shibuya arc, Yuji was left unconscious after his fight against Choso. After which, Suguru Geto’s subordinates Nanako Hasaba and Mimiko Hasaba found Yuji and fed him one Sukuna finger that they had procured.

Right after that, Jogo arrived on the scene. He then proceeded to feed Yuji 10 more fingers, one after another.

sukuna fire vs jogo

This helped Sukuna take over Yuji’s body and wake up. After Jogo asks, he wishes for Sukuna’s revival. He asked Sukuna to take control and create a binding vow with Yuji, but Sukuna refused.

However, out of appreciation for fingers, Sukuna makes a deal with Jogo that if he can land an attack on him, then he will kill everyone except one in Shibuya.

Jogo agrees to it, and a montrous fight ensues. In the climax of the fight, Jogo uses his Maximum: Meteor technique, but Sukuna still does not get hit and appears in front of him.

After which, Sukuna chants, brings forth flames and asks Jogo to prepare for the firepower battle. Both unleash their fire attacks like a cowboy gun duel.

This was the first time we saw Sukuna use his furnace fire.

2) Sukuna vs. Mahoraga

Right after defeating Jogo, Sukuna sensed that Megumi was near death. He quickly rushes and finds Mahoraga attacking Haruta.

Sukuna vs Mahoraga - furnace flame

Sukuna saves Haruta and deduces that if he wants to save Megumi’s life, then he will have to defeat Mahoraga. And, thus, the fight enseus between him and Mahoraga.

The battle begins with Mahoraga attacking Sukuna with a blade imbued with positive cursed energy.

Sukuna evades the attack and returns it with several punches to his face. As the fight continues, Sukuna attacks Mahoraga with dismantle; however, Mahoraga heals and the wheel above him turns. On his next attack, Mahoraga dodges Sukuna’s slash, as he could see the slash coming.

As the fight continues, Sukuna deduces that the wheel turning helps Mahoraga adapt to things.

Sukuna then unleashes his domain, the Malevolent Shrine! Sukuna’s domain decimates everything, including Mahoraga.

As this happened, he wondered if the curse had adapted to only his dismantle of slash attacks in general.

Thus, before Mahoraga completely regenerates, he activates his furnace flame technique and kills Mahoraga.

3) Sukuna vs. Jujutsu Sorcerers

The latest incident of Sukuna using Furnace flame occurred in the last chapter, where he unleashed his flame in his domain.


After a grueling fight against the Jujutsu sorcerers, Sukuna unleashed an incomplete Malevolent Shrine, right after which he unleashed the Furnace Flame.

It was so strong that no one inside the domain could have survived. Yuji only survived due to Choso sacrificing himself by creating a protective layer around Yuji with his blood.

Although Todo was able to get everyone except Yuji and Choso out of the domain, their safety is still not guaranteed.