Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Ryomen Sukuna In Jujutsu Kaisen? Cursed Technique Explained

Sukuna’s innate cursed technique is a set of slashing attacks that are invisible.

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What would happen if the calamity itself materialized into a human form? They would surely be the strongest beings on Earth.

Now, what would happen if they chose a crooked path?

That’s exactly who Ryomen Sukuna is in Jujutsu Kaisen, a calamity, a natural disaster, the most vicious being in the whole world.

A lot of it is credited to his efficient use of cursed energy and his ridiculous cursed technique.

In this article, we will delve into his innate cursed technique, other mysterious powers, and possible new abilities.

Before all of that, let us understand who Sukuna is!

Who is Ryomen Sukuna?

Introduced in chapter 1 of the manga, Sukuna is one of the major antagonists in the series.

Ryomen Sukuna is a being from 1,000 years ago, during the Heian era, which is regarded as the golden age of Jujutsu sorcery.

During this time, he was feared by all, and even though he was a Jujutsu sorcerer once, the only Sukuna known to all is the one called the King of Curses!

He is described as a demon with four arms, two faces, and an extremely dangerous and vicious being.

The locals created festivals for him in order to avoid his wrath. Although Sukuna’s death is unknown, it is known that no one could kill him.

Upon his death, he was able to split himself into 20 cursed objects (his 20 fingers).

Sukuna fingers

After Yuji eats one of Sukuna’s fingers, he is able to manifest inside him. Sukuna’s manifestation is a very special event as it has a 1 in a million chance of happening. What is rarer to happen was Yuji being able to suppress the king of curses inside his body.

This is where the series picks up in terms of Sukuna’s life.

During the whole series, we see him fight countless times, and each time he has a reason why he was and is still feared by all.

His cursed techniques and his efficient use of cursed energy set him leagues apart from nearly any curse or sorcerer.

Only Gojo can seemingly counter him, as he is the strongest sorcerer of his age.

So now let’s dive into his cursed techniques.

Sukuna’s Innate Cursed Technique

Sukuna’s innate cursed technique is a set of slashing attacks that are invisible.

He has two types of slashing attacks: ‘Dismantle’ and ‘Cleave’. These may sound like just any slashing attacks, but they are super effective against literally anyone and everyone.

Manga perfectly illustrates them, which might be one of the easiest techniques to understand.

Dismantle is the usual slashing attack. It has definite strength and is mostly used on inanimate objects.

Cleave is a unique slashing attack. It adjusts itself depending on the target’s toughness and cursed energy level to cut it in a single swoop.

Cleave and dismantle

We see him using both dismantle and cleave against Mahoraga one of the ten shinigami from Meguumi’s Ten Shadow Technique.

After seeing Mahoraga adapt it and dodge it Sukuna uses his domain expansion which will discuss further in the article.

Unnamed Special Technique

Other than dismantle and cleave, Sukuna has also shown a different and mysterious cursed technique.

During the events of the Shibuya arc, Sukuna challenges Jogo, an unregistered special-grade curse, to just touch him in a fight.

Then, the King of Curses goes on to dominate the fight. Unable to touch him, the special grade unleashes his most powerful technique, Maximum Technique: Meteor.

Using this, the curse is able to summon a literal meteor down in the Shibuya destroying a large portion of Shibuya but still failed to even graze Sukuna.

Being somewhat impressed by this, Sukuna then claims that he will fight the curse using its own power.

Then he commands something after which Sukuna is able to wield fire in his hands. The command was hidden using a black box in the speech bubble. Jogo gets perplexed by this.

Sukuna using box tehcnique

Sukuna then says,” Don’t worry I won’t be cheating by revealing my cursed technique.” He then asks the curse to get ready for a fire-power battle.

Swirling the flames he then forms them in the shape of an arrow and shoots at Jogo. Jogo also shoots his fireball at the same time as the king of curses.

These flames were so powerful that not only did they overpower Jogo’s fireball but also incinerate him, one who was the embodiment of fire and magma and is immune to fire.

The name of the technique has not been revealed yet, but the community has dubbed it ‘Box Technique’.

This is because, in the manga panel where Sukuna chants the technique, the chant was hidden using a black box.

Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine

Domain expansion is one of the strongest techniques one can possess, and the Fallen One’s domain is even strongest among all.

Sukuna’s domain is called Malevolent Shrine, and he creates a Buddhist shrine decorated with skulls.

His domain is unique as it does not have a barrier, again cementing his superiority against others.

As the manga put it, creating a barrier-less domain is akin to an artist not painting on a canvas but on the air.

Such domains are ultrarare and only Kenjuka possesses a barrier-less domain. Megumi’s domain is also barrier-less but that is because it is incomplete.

The major between the two is that Megumi uses his environment as the barrier for his domain unlike Sukuna, who has complete control of his domain.

The radius of his domain expansion is about 200 meters.

From the moment the domain is cast to the moment the domain is lifted, Sukuna’s innate cursed techniques, Dismantle and Cleave, relentlessly cut everything within its range.

During Shibuya, when Sukuna used his domain expansion, he reduced the size of his domain to 150 meters to avoid hitting Megumi.

The 150 meters of the area that was covered by the domain got decimated into plain land like nothing ever existed there.

In Chapter 225, Gojo and Sukuna simultaneously activated their domains. In this rare case, both domains were evenly matched.

Sukuna vs Gojo Domain


Sukuna’s domain, being borderless and having a larger range, was also able to get past Gojo’s domain. Thus attacking the domain from outside.

During the Mahito vs. Yuji and Nanami fight, we learned that a domain is weak to outside attacks due to which Yuji was able to break into Mahito’s domain saving Nanami.

As Sukuna’s domain started attacking Gojo’s domain from outside, Gojo’s domain got destroyed and Sukuna won the domain battle.


The King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna, is the strongest character in the series and is rivaled only by Gojo Satoru. His innate cursed technique is Dismatle and Cleave.

Dismantle, is the usual slashing attack. It has definite strength and is mostly used on inanimate objects.

Cleave, is a unique slashing attack. It adjusts itself depending on the target’s toughness and cursed energy level to cut it in a single swoop.

Sukuna also possesses an unnamed technique titled “Box Technique” by the community due to the dialogue character used.

Using this technique, Sukuna was able to wield flames so strong that the cursed spirit, which should be immune to fire, burned to death with them.

His Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine, relentlessly cuts everything and everyone in its range using his innate cursed technique. The unique thing about his domain is that it is borderless, which is very rare.

Sukuna’s domain, with its barrage of slashing attacks and the domain being borderless, destroyed Gojo’s domain.