One Piece Chapter 1119: Joy Boy’s First Crew Member ‘Emeth’ REVEALED!

Meanwhile, Bonney, with her new Devil Fruit powers, is actually able to pull Nika technique and even has Haki??

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

With the brief spoilers posted on June 24, the full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1119 are out, and it looks like Vegapunk’s statements are slowly coming true! The Ancient Giant Robot who remembers Joyboy has finally awoken and helped Luffy take down Warcury. Meanwhile, Bonney, with her new Devil Fruit powers, is actually able to pull Nika technique and even has Haki??

Find out what Oda has been cooking in the new One Piece chapter below!

One Piece Chapter 1119 Spoilers:

According to @pewpiece on Twitter, One Piece chapter 1119 is titled “Emeth” (“IX” in Japanese).

This chapter begins with a side story featuring Yamato. As Yamato travels to Kibi, a group of kids, disliking Kaidou, hurls a rock at his head. This short scene highlights Yamato’s ongoing struggles and his resentment towards Kaidou.

The main story kicks off inside the Egghead laboratory. Kaku has been freed from the bubble by Stussy, but he is visibly upset with her due to something Edison said. Kaku dismisses the idea of friendship, telling Stussy to leave before Lucci arrives. Despite his harsh words, Kaku’s face betrays his true emotions as he holds back tears.

Outside, on the Egghead shore, giants cheer for Luffy and Bonney. Mars, a new character, challenges the giants’ belief in Luffy’s transformation, attributing it to the “Toshi Toshi no Mi” power.

Mars then attacks the Elbaf ship with a fiery blast from his mouth. Luffy, in a heroic move, transforms into a gigantic balloon to shield the ship, enduring the pain to protect everyone.

Luffy grabs Mars’ wings and communicates with Sanji and the others, explaining that these monsters can regenerate, and the only way to deal with them is to blow them away. Following his plan, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky launch powerful attacks on Luffy’s balloon body, propelling Mars across the ocean.

This sequence is intense and showcases the teamwork and determination of the Straw Hat crew.

With Mars out of the way, the Elbaf ship is ready to depart. Luffy inquires about Usopp and the others, and Sanji notes their tardiness. Meanwhile, Atlas informs Sanji and the crew of a crucial task they must undertake. She mentions that York can now track their movements, adding urgency to their mission.

The scene then shifts underwater, where the Ancient Giant Robot awakens along with a “Transmission Den Den Mushi.”

The robot’s awakening triggers a partial message from Vegapunk, hinting at a significant legacy and hope that the message reaches those who can carry the cause forward. This transmission shocks the world, with notable reactions from characters on Whole Cake Island and beyond. However, Gaimon and Sarfunkel, lacking a Den Den Mushi, remain oblivious to the broadcast.

Back on Egghead Island, York explains to the Five Elders that to stop the broadcast permanently, the “Transmission Den Den Mushi” must be destroyed. Amid this, Ju Peter expels Cypher Pol agents and Seraphims onto Marine battleships and begins sucking back the Elbaf ship.

Luffy intervenes, attacking Ju Peter to protect the ship. Warcury, another antagonist, makes a move towards the Elbaf ship, but the Ancient Giant Robot emerges, recalling Joy Boy’s voice from the past.

In a dramatic double-page spread, the Ancient Giant Robot rises from the sea and strikes Warcury, breaking one of his fangs. Joy Boy’s voice speaks to Emeth, suggesting a pivotal moment is approaching. The shockwaves of this event leave everyone in awe, from Dorry and Brogy to Luffy, whose eyes sparkle with excitement at the sight of the robot.

The chapter ends on a high note with an editor’s message stating, “Romance on the move once more!!!”. “One Piece” will be on break next week, returning in Weekly Shonen Jump #33/2024 on July 16th.

Spoiler Source: Twitter