Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 Spoilers: Choso Sacrifices Himself For Yuji!

Aoi Todo arrives to support Yuji after Choso passes away.

Choso in pain
JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 spoilers are out, and Aoi Todo has arrived to protect Yuji after Choso.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with a flashback of Yuji, Choso and Noritoshi discussing the convergence technique.

Yuji asks Choso to teach him convergence, but Choso is a bad teacher, so Noritoshi explains it instead.

Choso says that he can teach Yuji how to use supernova, but Noritoshi rebukes by saying Yuji should learn Blood Manipulation only to know how to stop bleeding and suturing.

We see Choso getting sad and pouting for not being able to teach Yuji.

Editor comments at the start, “Teach me Onii-chan.”

The chapter then reveals that the second person Yuji swapped his soul with was Yuta Okkotsu.

The narrator shares that only by going through the cokking process of both “Dismantle” and “Cleave”, will the door to Kamino (fire) open.

It lacks speed relative to its fire and has a narrow effect range.

To resolve these issues, Sukuna imposed a binding vow on himself. The chapter then shows Uraume saying, “It’s our win,” as Narrotor shares that Kamino’s heat results in decompression and overpressure, leading to the death of all living beings inside the domain.

This is Ryomen Sukuna’s Ultimate Technique that slaughtered Mahoraga in one strike!

The narrator continues by saying that during the Gojo fight, Sukuna had to repeatedly change the specification of his domain, narrowing its effective range.

Due to this, Sukuna deemed it insufficient to unleash Kamino. Thus, Sukuna had to seal it during his fight with Gojo.

To save Yuji, Choso creates a barrier of blood around him with Yuji inside, resulting in his own death.

Before passing, Choso apologizes to Yuji for being useless during their training.

We see Choso and Yuji in their imaginary soul world. Choso compliments Yuji for learning the reverse cursed technique faster than him.

Yuji says it was due to Sukuna using his body that he achieved this.

However, Choso says it’s okay, little brothers are meant to surpass their older brothers.

Yuji scolds Choso, saying that he can’t just disappear, and Choso replies by saying he is right and needs to apologize to Tsukumo.

He then apologizes to Yuji for leaving him alone again. Yuji says to Choso that he was always by his side when times were toughest, and that’s more than enough.

Choso: Right…

Eso: Big brother, are you there?

Choso: I’m right here.

Kechizu: Brother I’m cold….

Choso: It’s alright. Lets talk!

Choso: If we talk together, we’ll forget about the cold.

Choso: The 150 years we experienced were only a few days for Yuji.

Back to reality, Choso departs with the final words, “Thank you, Yuji, for becoming my brother.”

Yuji bids Choso, with his final words being, “Thank you, Aniki.”

As everything crunches down, Yuji helplessly asks, “Guys… Someone…”

The narrator then starts sharing that Yuji convinced him that he was a cog. No matter what happened, he was meant to fulfill his role.

But as the scorched earth’s heat began to push his way, it shook the foundation of his resolve, the resolve to repay his brother, who had sacrificed his life to protect him.

As Yuji hopelessly sees Sukuna coming towards him, another brother arrives at the battlefield.

Aio Todo once again comes to help his brother!

The chapter then shows a flashback of Todo and Mei Mei discussing their plan to rescue people trapped inside Sukuna’s domain.

By using Mei Mei’s crow and Todo’s boogie woogie, they can get people outside. Since Sukun’s domain instantly kills, Todo can’t guarantee their lives but will still give it a try.

Mei Mei says that since Todo will be outside of Sukuna’s domain, he has to expand his cursed technique’s range by a lot.

So she asks if he can really do it.

Todo says that he’s not really sure about succeeding, but he says he can feel the heartbeat of Boogie Woogie.

However, he says that Yuji should not know of this plan, as he and Sukuna were two souls in one body.

Even though it’s in the past, that connection itself is strong. Hence, there is a possibility of their plain unknowingly being spilled on Sukuna.

The narrator says even Todo was uncertain of his allies safety and could not manage to move Choso and Yuji outside, as both of them were at the center of Sukuna’s domain.

He explains everything to Yuji and tries to encourage him by saying, “I’m sorry, brother, but they are probably alright!!”

Yuji steels himself, thinking that other sorcerers are alright and he has to believe in Todo for now.

Todo and Yuji rush towards Sukuna as the narrator reveals that Sukuna is now in a state where it’s difficult for him to use his cursed technique after the domain expansion.

The chapter ends with the editor’s comment, “The path to victory, linked by the brothers!” The series will not take a break next week.