Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 Spoilers: Yuji Itadori Surpasses Gojo Satoru!

Sukuna lands four consecutive Black Flashes!

Yuji black flash epic
JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 spoilers are out, and Yuji lands a powerful black flash on Sukuna and awakens his true form!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 256 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with a short flashback of Gojo teaching Back Flash. He is asked why Gojo can’t use black flash intentionally.

Gojo is puzzled as to why people think he can. He then realizes that it’s because of his six eyes.

He then says that there is no definitive answer to the activation of Black Flash. When he goes all out, he imbues his cursed technique into his punches.

However, even then, hitting a black flash depends on luck, even for him.

Gojo then says that Nanami has a better record than him, but in terms of the total number of times, he wins.

Since the Gojo fight doesn’t last for long, he doesn’t get much chance to hit Black Flash.

The narrator then says that Yuji has now surpassed Gojo in overall black flash hits.

Back to the present, Miguel thinks that Sukuna landing another black flash is bad, as Sukuna might gain momentum now.

Yuji, on the other hand, wonders if Sukuna might have gotten his reverse cursed technique output back like Gojo. Choso realizes that Miguel and Larue are here to help, so they should team up and kill Sukuna before his reverse cursed technique output returns to normal.

Yuji tries to stop Sukuna with a railing as Choso fires a supernova, but Sukuna dodges and escapes it.

Maki catches up to Sukuna and tries to stab him with her sword. However, Sukuna manages to hold on to her sword.

Choso notices that Maki is using air as her foothold while fighting.

Suddenly, Sukuna hits his third black flash on Maki! Maki notices that Sukuna’s normal slashes output has also increased. Sukuna then tries to send another set of slashes, but Choso blocks them with his supernova.

Instantly, another set of slashes come towards Choso, but even before they hit him, Sukuna gets behind Choso.

Using his slashes as distraction, Sukuna catches Choso off guard and throws him into a wall nearby, and then Sukuna hits his fourth black flash!

However, Choso reduces the damage by making blood armor and then holds onto Sukuna. Meanwhile, Yuji immediately comes back with a powerful punch to Sukuna’s face.

Choso says that no matter how many black flash Sukuna hits and regains momentum, if Yuji hits him with his punches, Sukuna’s cursed energy output and control over Megumi’s body will get dull.

Miguel tells Larue that they have done enough, so they should retreat, but Larue declines.

Miguel offers, saying he still has something he needs to do, while Yuji continues to fight Sukuna.

Sukuna tries to smash Yuji on the ground, but Yuji instantly hits him with piercing blood!

Choso says Yuji still can’t use convergence, so he gave Yuji something from which Yuji fired that piercing blood.

Sukuna manages to puch Yuji away, but the sorcerer immediately gets into the zone. The narrator then says that previously Mahito sensed a black flash from Yuji, and similarly, Sukuna sensed a black flash from Yuji. However, his consciousness is forcefully diverted to somewhere else.

Larue uses his cursed technique on Sukuna to not only grab him but also to grab a hold of his counciousness!

Itadori Yuji, previously a vessel of Sukuna, lands a huge black flash on the King of Curses.

The narrator then says, “By unlocking his potential through a black flash amidst the scattering black sparks, Itadori Yuji awakens!”

The chapter ends here with the editor commenting, “Even the light of hope shines black.”

Jujutsu Kaisen will be on break next week.