Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 Spoilers: Maki Corners Sukuna

Sukuna is unable to heal from Maki’s attack as quickly compared to others.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 spoilers are out, and Uraume states that Sukuna has not yet gotten serious.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 Spoilers:

The chapter with Kusakabe and Ino POV of Yuta Domain before Yuta’s domain broke.

From outside, no change has happened to Yuta’s domain, both discuss that Yuta moved his domain barrier to a good spot, expected Yuta’s domain to crumble, and had Maki ready for the surprise attack.

Ino states that it would be better to have more people inside Yuta’s barrier to face Sukuna, and they also plan to send Choso inside.

Kusakabe then says that it’s too late, and if anyone else tries to enter now, the Sukuna will become conscious, and the surprise attack will fail.

Maki prepares to enter Yuta’s domain.

Ino asks Kusakabe to join the fight, but he feings ignorance and cheers for Maki. As Maki gets ready, the domain breaks, and Kusakabe says Yuta will give him the sign to attack when Sukuna is most relaxed.

The chapter jumps back to the present. Yuta gets slashed, and Maki stabs Sukuna.

Rika immediately takes hold of Yuta while crying. Ui Ui jumps in to teleport Yuta. Maki tries to slice Sukuna in half, but Sukuna evades it.

Sukuna realizes that Yuta willingly destroyed his domain to send a signal. Sukuna notices that he is unable to heal from Maki’s attack as quickly as other attacks.

The narrator reveals that when Maki cuts a person’s soul with her special Katana, you can’t normally heal that wound with the reverse cursed technique.

To heal the soul, one must be able to clearly see the outline of their soul.

Sukuna can’t easily heal his soul since the reverse cursed technique to heal the soul is different from usual and also due to damage from Gojo’s battle.

Yuji tried to fight Sukuna, saying to Fushiguro that it was not over yet, but then he suddenly fell down, coughing blood.

He had been using the reverse cursed technique consistently, even though it had been just a month since he learned it.

Yuji realizes that he hasn’t healed himself properly.

Choso comes to Yuji’s rescue and tells him to calmly use the reverse cursed technique to properly heal himself.

He asks Yuji to circulate his blood to every corner of your body as if spreading roots. Choso asks Yuji to imagine completing the outline of his body with blood vessels.

The chapter jumps back to Sukuna vs. Maki.

Sukuna tries to hold Maki’s katana, but Maki uses the momentum to lift Sukuna and throw him away.

Sukuna cuts the building he was touching into pieces and throws them at her.

While Maki’s field of vision is obstructed by flying debris, he sneakily sends a slash at her. However, Maki evades it.

He realizes the Maki can see his technique better than other sorcerers. Sukuna says to Maki that he fought Mahoraga in Shibuya.

Even though Maki pierced Sukuna’s heart, he is forcing his heart to beat using cursed energy.

Maki asks if he is going to continue fighting her while doing that.

Sukuna replies that he has no problems with that.

The chapter jumps the focus to Hakari vs. Uraume.

Hakari says that it’s easy to recognize Sukuna’s presence.

He initially thought it might be bad to see Sukuna’s original form, but Sukuna is still getting beaten up.

Hakari says that Sukuna’s cursed energy is starting to dry up.

He then claims to Uraume that sorcerers will win. However, Uraume laughs at him, saying he is dumb, like his cursed technique.

She then states that, by judging Sukuna’s cursed energy waves, she can tell that Sukuna has no interest in his opponents.

She then states:

“You people should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to show results better than Gojo Satoru. Even if we take out the aftereffects from the first battle, Sukuna-sama still hasn’t given his all.”

The chapter then ends with the editor commenting, “The heat in the battle knows no limits!”

Jujutsu Kaisen will not take a break next week and will also feature a color page. The series will also be on the magazine cover next week.