Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 234 Spoilers: Gojo Loses His Arm!

The editor’s comment states that the battle between the strongest is reaching its climax!

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The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 234 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and Yuta wants to join the fight!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 234 Soilers

The chapter starts with Yuta saying that he will join the battle to go to Gojo’s fight 3 vs. 1. The situation escalates as Kashimo warns Yuta not to interfere.

Kashimo also adds that it’s at least not Yuta who should go next.

The editor’s comment at the start of the chapter states,” Yuta is joining into the “Strongest” battle!?

Hakari asks Yuta to calm down. He later reminds everyone that Gojo asked them to join in when he gets weaker than them.

Yuta rebukes, stating that Sukuna Domain expansion is disabled and he can help Gojo by handling the other two shinigami using Rika.

Maki joins the conversation and asks Kashimo to not forget his role, as if he gets defeated, then some of the backup plans will be gone.

Yuta reaffirms his point by saying that if they take this gamble and win against Sukuna, they won’t even need a backup plan.

Yui seems to agree with Yuta. Kusakabe adds that Sukuna not being able to give his everything and Gojo being at his best without any hindrance is the best possible setup for victory.

Yuta sulks, thinking he might become a hindrance to Gojo. Kashimo says that the point is not about being a hindrance but that it’s Gojo’s fight and it is lame to interfere.

Hakari suspects that Sukuna is hiding a trump card, and interfering might make them the target of that trump card.

The chapter then shifts focus to the fight between the strongest.

Gojo evades Agito and Mahoraga’s attacks and lands a black flash on Agito, but it heals quickly. Agito then tries to attack Gojo with its tail.

The limitless user just rips it off, but again, Agito heals up quickly.

Goojo deduces that Agito is made up of Nue, who inherited the Great Serpent, the Mourn Tiger, and the Round Deer.

Mourn Tiger might be the final 10th Shikigami, which has not yet been revealed.

Since Agito has not adapted to Infinity, Gojo plans to destroy Agiito in a one-shot like Mahoraga.

Mahoraga throws some bricks at Gojo and attacks him. Fortunately, Gojo evades him and lands a sharp kick on the shikigami.

Gojo thinks it’ll be troublesome if Agito heals Sukuna and plans to destroy it first.

Meanwhile, Sukuna also makes plans within the shadows to stop Gojo from using PURPLE.

When Gojo blasted PURPLE before, Sukuna was unable to face it since he was far away and was able to get away with just an arm blown off.

Sukuna then says he is not in his best condition and that facing 100% PURPLE right now will be fatal.

Sukuna then urges Mahorage and says,” How long are you going to make me wait? You are my shadow, not Megumi Fushiguro’s. Show me what you have got?”

Right after, Mahoraga’s wheels turn, and with one swift slash, Mahoraga cuts Gojo’s right arm off!

All the sorcerers are confused and panicking while Sukuna praises Mahoraga. Shoko screams that this isn’t good for Gojo, as his healing is weak right now!

Sukuna emerges from the shadow and kicks Sukuna towards Agito, ready to attack  Gojo.

Agito lands a punch on Gojo’s head, but Gojo summons the blue orb and tells Agito with a crazy smile on his face that it’s not worthy enough to be here.

Gojo then punches Agito down with his left arm and trashes the poor shinigami around using BLUE: MAXIMUM OUTPUT.

Gojo’s attack completely obliterates Agito.

The chapter then ends with the narrator stating it has been 41 seconds since Gojo’s counterattack, and his PURPLE has ripped through the battlefield in Shinjuku!

At the end, the editor’s comment states that the battle between the strongest is reaching its climax! Jujutsu Kaisen will not take a break next week.