Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 230 Spoilers: Gojo Triumphs over Sukuna

Gojo nosebleed again!

Gojo Satoru
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The spoilers for chapter 230 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and Gojo shows why he is the strongest Sorcerer!

Disclaimer: These as spoilers and not the official release of the chapter, kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 230 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Mei Mei explaining that the shikigami summoned is Mahoraga, which is a trump card of the Zenin Clan.

Choso adds that this shikigami can adapt to any kind of attack. Yuji, in disbelief, asks if it also adapted to the Unlimited Void.

The chapter then cuts to the battlefield, where Sukuna is now able to move as Gojo’s domain has been destroyed by Mahoraga.

As Sukuna was able to summon Mahoraga, Sukuna deduces that someone else took the Sure Hit effect of his domain.

Gojo rules out Mahoraga and understands that someone else must have taken the hit. Then it clicked for him—it was Megumi’s soul instead of Sukuna’s.

Sukuna sends Mahoraga back into his shadows, while Gojo sarcastically says, he is happy that Sukuna is fighting with such desperation.

Sukuna then explains that he wanted to get rid of Gojo’s Unlimited Void. When he wasn’t using Domain Amplification, he made Megumi adapt to Gojo’s domain using the Ten Shadow Cursed technique.

This is why he was not able to use any other cursed technique other than that which was applied to the domain.

Gojo then says that Megumi’s soul has not adapted to the Unlimited Void, as the soul was only used in the process to adapt.

This means if Gojo uses Domain Expansion, Sukuna will again have to summon Mahoraga. Then Gojo would make sure to kill the shinigami in one shot.

Sukuna laughs at Gojo and says he won’t be able to expand his domain again.

Just then, Gojo gets a nosebleed, this time stronger than the last. Everyone is shocked, and Yuta ponders if his bad feeling has turned out to be true.

Sukuna then explains to Gojo that he overexerted himself when he recovered his burned cursed technique with the reverse cursed technique.

This is because it essentially means destroying the part of the brain where the cursed technique is engraved and recovering it with the reverse cursed technique.

This is a very risky thing to do together. Sorcerers then deduce that Gojo used this method about five times, whereas Sukuna only used it a few times. And due to this Sukuna is still okay.

Sukuna then asks, “You are reaching your limit, right?” Sukuna then says that this time he will close his domain with a barrier, so Gojo cannot escape.

All he has to do is cut Gojo and adapt to his Unlimited Void. Gojo is on his knees as he continues to nosebleed, and Sukuna says,” See ya, Strongest. A guy that was born when I didn’t exist. An ordinary guy.”

Sukuna tries to open his domain, but it shatters immediately! Sukuna also starts to bleed, but not just from his nose but also from his eyes.

This is because even though Sukuna was under the Unlimited Voids effect for less than 10 seconds, his brain still suffered damage.

The narrator explains that just like Gojo’s brain, Sukuna’s also suffered damage, and thus he also cannot expand his domain.

Gojo laughs at Sukuna and, while pointing at Mei Mei’s crow, says, “My students are watching me. I’m still going to look cool.”

He then pulls Sukuna towards him and lands a heavy punch on his face!

Then the narrator recalls Yorozu’s lines to Sukuna:” I have more to teach you about love. And Ultimate Strength and Solitude it brings!”

In the editor’s comment, “Both aren’t stepping back. The battle of the strongest is going to Round-2”

The chapter ends here and will not take a break next week. You can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.

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