JJK Chapter 210 Spoilers: Itadori Yuji Confirms Nobara’s Death?

Yuji hints at Nobara’s death in a conversation with Megumi, and Hana reveals her and Megumi’s destiny

Nobara featured
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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 210’s spoilers has fans excited and worried about Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara as Itadori drops subtle hints about his teammate’s condition.

Disclaimers: The following article contains spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 210 leaks, take these leaks with a grain of salt. 

Chapter 209 recap:

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 209 confirmed Kenjaku’s intent to double-cross the foreign countries by using their soldiers as fodder for the curses he released in the colonies.

The chapter ends with soldiers attacking Yuji, Megumi, Hana, and Takaba, who intend to capture them and extract information from them.

Hana Kurusu’s Backstory:

The spoilers for chapter 210 show Hana Kurusu’s backstory in detail. The chapter starts with three children in an abandoned building, raised by a Cursed Spirit.

One of the three children realizes that the curse isn’t their real mother. The same child then gets distracted by a fluffy white dog and follows him around.

Later, it turns out that this white dog was one of Megumi’s Divine Dogs. As the dog returns to Megumi, we see that this is a moment from his childhood, where he went on a walk with Gojo.

It turns out that the girl is actually Hana Kurusu. To Hana, Megumi saves her, and she believes that it is her destiny to be on Megumi’s side. Gojo had noticed Hana back then, remarking that she might fall in love with the young megumi.

Tenge’s Plan And Itadori Confirm Nobara’s Death?

One of the panels shows Megumi thinking back to Reggie’s theory. The conversation confirmed his suspicions that Kenjaku had lured the military to the colonies, using them to raise cursed energy levels and facilitate the process of merging Japanese non-sorcerers with Tengen!

Itadori then decides to help the soldiers, but Angel objects, as she doesn’t want to involve Hana and others in meaningless fights.

However, this only turns into a heated argument as Itadori gets angry and almost hostile toward Hana.

The chapter also shows the soldier the group had found, and the monologue of a soldier as he’s about to be killed by a curse.

Further, the spoilers show a conversation between Megumi and Yuji, where Megumi talks about how Itadori should’ve been more respectful and kind towards Hana.

He also adds that it’s unlike Yuji to talk to someone like this. Then, Itadori admits that he acted cold because he fears Hana replacing Kugisaki’s place forever.

Is this Yuji’s way of confirming Nobara’s status?

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