Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers: Gohan Beats Goku And Fights Broly And Vegeta!

According to the spoilers, chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Inheriting the Future”


If anyone thought it’d be a smooth sail for Gohan to defeat Goku… well… you couldn’t be more wrong. It looks like Goku has more tricks up his sleeve… including interrupting the match when Gohan was about to win!

That’s right! Gohan Beast is the strongest warrior in the Universe!

Am I right?


Powerscalers can get waaaay over ahead of themselves over a friendly sparring match. Goku hasn’t even used his Susano form against his son so you really can’t count him out.

What’s more, Gohan even fights Broly and Vegeta! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 will not only conclude the sparring match but also the Super Hero arc itself.

That’s right, the next chapter onwards (whenever that comes), will kick start a brand new arc! (whatever that is).

The Dragon Ball official site released the draft pages of Chapter 103 and further spoilers were dropped by @DbsHype and @SupaChronicles!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is titled “Inheriting the Future”. The chapter begins with Gohan Beast dominating Goku with silver-haired Ultra Instinct, whacking him towards a mountain and a bunch of trees.

Goku lands in his typical stylish fashion and commends Gohan for training hard to master his potential at last. Something Piccolo promised back in Z.

He’s changed! Gohan says it’s all thanks to Piccolo. Still…Goku says he’s trained plenty too!

Goku floats in the air with a pose resembling Fused Zamasu against the Saiyan duo. All of a sudden, Goku blinks and teleports right at Gohan’s back, much to his surprise, indicating that Goku is faster.

He kicks Gohan on the back before whacking him head on, making the earthling fall into the water.

After a vigorous back and forth, Gohan seemingly won the battle (or rather, Goku stopped it and said “that’s enough” for some reason).

After that, Broly’s Saiyan instincts couldn’t hold up anymore and wanted to spar with Gohan. Broly even transforms into his Super Saiyan form against Beast mode.

Later in the chapter, Goten and Trunks fight Broly, while Gohan dukes with Vegeta. It was a short battle but even in those matches, Goku stopped them for some unknown reason.

Towards the end of the chapter, Goku suggests they head back, but Lemo mentions that the food is ready, prompting everyone to sit down for a meal. Trunks compliments Lemo’s cooking, stating it surpasses even that of Capsule Corp’s chef, while Broly declares it the finest fare in the universe. Curious, Goku inquires about the identities of the two strangers, and Gohan reveals they’re affiliated with the Red Ribbon.

Vegeta, unfamiliar with the organization, learns from Gohan that it’s notorious for its malevolent deeds. Carmine assures them they’ve turned over a new leaf, though Goten and Trunks remain skeptical. Goku offers to escort them back to Earth, prompting Vegeta’s agreement, citing concern that Bulma might forget about him otherwise.

Before departing, Goku bids farewell to Beerus and Whis, promising to visit again. Sensing Piccolo’s presence, Goku teleports the entire group back to Earth, surprising Piccolo, who is infuriated to see the Red Ribbon men, fleeing with the car.

Goku admires Piccolo’s newfound strength, teasing a spar, but Piccolo declines, explaining he and Gohan must retrieve Pan from school. Goku’s confusion prompts Vegeta to scold him for forgetting his own granddaughter. As punishment, Piccolo insists Goku accompany them to pick up Pan.

In the car, Carmine reflects that plotting world dominance won’t lead to wealth and suggests pursuing legitimate business ventures instead. Upon arriving at the school, Pan instinctively attacks Goku before realizing her mistake. Once the misunderstanding is cleared, the group takes to the skies, concluding the chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 will officially release on Viz and Mangaplus on March 20, 2024 (Wednesday).

Spoilers Source: Official SiteTwitter