Black Clover Chapter 362 Spoilers: Asta’s Return Is Delayed By Damnatio!

They speculate that Julius had been absent all this time because he was the enemy.

Black Clover Chapter 362 Spoilers
Black Clover

The spoilers for chapter 362 of Black Clover are here, and it has all the fans excited! With more serious developments and a check-up on Asta, fans are enjoying the chapter!

Black Clover Chapter 362 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with the King’s perplexity regarding the unfolding events, yet his primary concern remains his personal safety and the desire for protection.

The NPCs identify Lucius as the Wizard King, also known as Julius, and perceive him as the leader of the opposing forces.

They speculate that Julius had been absent all this time because he was the enemy.

As structures continue to crumble, the populace grows increasingly disheartened, with their hope gradually diminishing.

Then, King Marx Francois addresses the citizens using his magic and tells them that an enemy has taken over Julius’ body.

He continues to talk about the enemy’s powers and that mages are risking their lives to fight off Julius.

Furthermore, He also shows them how Yuno has defeated the Wizard King once already!

According to the spoilers, Mimosa speaks through the King’s magic and addresses the citizens too.

She introduces herself as Royalty and a member of the Golden Dawn. Mimosa then talks about Yuno, who has a four-leaf grimoire, and how his aim is to become the Wizard King.

She continues to motivate the citizens while thinking of Asta, and says “Please don’t give up!”

According to the spoilers, the scene then shifts to Sekke, who warns citizens to stay away as he is going to use his bronze cannon.

However, it is instantly destroyed by a legless angel. Sekke is talking to himself about how it isn’t easy to be strong, but he tried just like Asta.

The scene changes to Lucius again, who says “That’s sophistry. No matter how hard you try, the outcome can’t be changed.”

Yuno simply replies with “I wonder”, and the scene switches again, but this time to the Hino country.

Ryu is using his all-seeing eye to figure out what is going on as all of them are puzzled about why Asta hasn’t been transported yet.

As the Black Bulls are about to summon Asta, Damnatio appears out of nowhere!

He says “Let judgment come to the evil disturbing peace and order.”, and the chapter ends.

There is no break next week!