Black Clover Chapter 349 Leaks: Asta Saves Sister Lily!?

Titled “Asta vs Sister Lily”, Asta clashes against his first love in an emotional battle

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Black Clover

The leaks for Black Clover’s chapter 349 are out, and they suggest that Asta has found a way to neutralize Paladins like Sister Lily without killing them!

Let’s dive into the leaks to get an idea of what to expect from the chapter!

Disclaimer: Please take leaks with a grain of salt, as they’re subject to change at any time and can be inaccurate.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Recap:

In the last chapter, we see Asta solder his resolve and defeat his illusion. Furthermore, Asta mastered Zetten by the end of the chapter, having defeated one of the Paladins in a single blow.

Black Clover Chapter 349 Spoilers:

Chapter 349 starts with Heath’s flashback to chapter 9, where Asta defeated him in their first fight. He also adds that he can’t believe that Asta would stand in his way again, only to be interrupted by Yosuga.

Yosuga challenges Heath in a fight, stating that he can’t let someone get in between Asta and Sister Lily’s fight.

The scene shifts towards Sister Lily, who asks Asta why he is alive. Asta replies that the people of this country saved him. He further adds that she was the one who sent him here anyways.

Sister Lily counters that she genuinely intended to kill Asta. Countering again, Asta states that this cannot be the case, because the Sister Lily he knows wouldn’t try to kill him, even if she was being manipulated.

Sister Lily replies that she doesn’t want him alive and attacks him with her “Fist of Love” spell.

Lily is also thinking that her “enforced spatial travel” spell won’t work on Asta unless he’s immobile. She also can’t use “sacred mana domination” because of anti-magic. Frustrated, she asks Asta to die again, and attacks him with a Water X Spatial magic spell “Sachiel’s flash”.

As Sister Lily shouts that Asta needs to die for the sake of the world yet again, Asta replies that he won’t let Lily kill him.

To this, Lily says that she doesn’t want to kill either.  The chapter then explains that “Lucius is right” is ingrained into the souls of the Paladins.

However, “Sister Lily is still Still Sister Lily”.

Asta thinks to himself that there is no way that Lucius is right and that he won’t forgive him.

Next, he slashes Lily, and we can see some of her Paladin-like features fade away, and the chapter ends.

Source: Nitebaron & Diab on Twitter