You Don’t Know Genya If You Can’t Pass This Quiz!

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Created by Harsh S

You Don't Know Genya If You Can't Pass This Quiz!

Do you all about this Dual-Wielding Demon Slayer? Put that to the test with this ULTIMATE QUIZ.

Hint: He can't use any breathing style.

1. What is the name of Genya's Blood Demon Art?

2. Against which demon did we see Genya's demon-consuming ability for the first time?

3. In what chapter Genya was introduced in the manga?


4. Why does Genya apologise to Sanemi?

genya apologising

5. Which of the following unique weapon Genya uses?

6. Which of the following Hashira tought Genya Repetitive Action Technique?

7. Genya's Japanese and English Voice actors both have also voiced which of the following anime?

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