Can You Pass This Tanjiro Trivia Quiz?

Tanjiro Wisteria Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer
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Can You Pass This Tanjiro Trivia Quiz?

Do you believe that you know Demon Slayer well? Then let's see how you do on this ultimate Tanjiro Quiz!

1. Along with Tanjiro, which of the following character is Tone Deaf?


2. In a Weekly Shonen Jump spoof 4-koma, Tanjiro is the vocalist of which band?

tanjiro's crew

3. Tanjiro can understand what species of animals?

tanjiro featured

4. Whom did Tanjiro inherit his hard forehead from?

Tanjiro head

5. Inosuke has given how many incorrect names to Tanjiro?

inosuke called tanjiro wrong names

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