Can You Pass The Ultimate Mist Hashira Quiz?

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Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc
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Can You Pass The Ultimate Mist Hashira Quiz?

Are you a huge Demon Slayer fan? Let's see if you can pass this quiz about the Mist Hashira: Muichiro Tokito!

1. What is the name of Muichiro's late twin brother?

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2. How tall is Muichiro Tokito?

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3. What is Muichiro Tokito's eye color?

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4. How many months did it take for Muichiro to become Hashira?

Why Is Tokito Emotionless And Forgetful In Demon Slayer Explained

5. What is Muichiro Tokito's age?

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6. How many forms does Tokito's Mist breathing consist of?


7. Who is Tokito's direct ancestor?

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