Oshi No Ko TV Anime Season 2 Announces July 2024 Premiere Date! 

The frachises released a new teaser visual for the upcoming season 2 of the anime.

oshi no ko season 2 FI
【OSHI NO KO】 © 2020 by Aka Akasaka × Mengo Yokoyari/SHUEISHA Inc.

During Day 2 of the AnimeJapan 2024 special stage event, Oshi no Ko anime frachises released a new teaser visual and new voice cast members for its upcoming second season.

Furthermore, the franchise confirmed the July 2024 premiere of season 2 and released a new visual for the anime.

oshi no ko season 2 Visual teaser

The new cast members announced are:

  • Daiki Himekawa voiced by Koki Uchiyama
  • Sakuya Kamoshida voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Meruto Narushima voiced by Seiji Maeda

oshi no ko three new cast

The franchise also released visuals for the Shinjuku cluster members in their Tokyo Blacde character costumes:

  • Daiki Himekawa as Blade
  • Meruto Maeshima as Kizami
  • Kana Arima as Tsurugi
  • Aqua as Touki
  • Akane Kurokawa as Sayahhime
  • Sakuya Koamushida as Monme

oshi no ko - tokyo blade costumes 2

oshi no ko - tokyo blade costumes 1

On April 12, which is the first anniversary of the anime series, the franchise will reveal more information.

About Oshi No Ko:

Oshi no Ko is a Japanese manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since April 2020, with its chapters collected in thirteen tankōbon volumes as of November 2023.

Between April and June 2023, Doga Kobo produced the first season, consisting of eleven episodes. In 2024, a second season is scheduled to premiere.

Mangaplus describes the overall plot of Oshi No Ko as follows:

“In the world of showbiz, lies are weapons.” Goro works as an OB-GYN in the countryside, a life far removed from the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, his favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, has begun her climb to stardom. The two meet in the “worst possible way,” setting the gears of fate in motion! The amazing Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari team up to depict the world of showbiz from a completely new perspective in this shocking series!

Source: Official Website of Oshi No Ko, Oshi No Ko on Twitter