Naruto’s VA Junko Takeuchi Voices MRBeast In Japanese Now!

MrBeast is a popular YouTuber with more than 100 Million Subscribers

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Popular YouTuber MrBeast has started dubbing his videos in multiple languages, including Japanese.

Some time ago, there were rumors about the YouTuber hiring a “major” anime VA for the job, but it soon cooled down.

However, MrBeast recently replied to a fan on Twitter and confirmed the identity of his Japanese voice actor.

The YouTuber confirmed that he and Naruto Uzumaki share the same VA now, Junko Takeuchi.

Takeuchi, 50, is popularly known for voicing Naruto, Gon from the 1999 Hunter x Hunter anime, and a young Sabo in One Piece.

After the news got viral, some fans pointed out that MrBeast usually hires popular voice actors for his dubs in several languages.

For example, he hired the VA of Spider-Man to voice him in Spanish.

You can listen to MrBeast’s Japanese dubs in any of his newer videos. To switch to Japanese, click on settings, and change the audio track to Japanese).

Source: Twitter