New BOCCHI THE ROCK! Stage Play Key Visual Revealed!

The BOCCHI THE ROCK! stage play will take place in September this year.

© はまじあき/芳文社・アニプレックス

On June 14, the official Twitter account of BOCCHI THE ROCK! Stage play shared the first key visual for the replay of the first show and the sequel.

The visual features the four main cast members from the first show,

  • Mamo Mamono, playing Hitori Gotoh
  • Miki Otake, playing Nijika Ijichi
  • Karin Osanai, playing Ryo Yamada
  • Mirai Ohmori, playing Ikuyo Kita

bocchi the rock

PART I STARRY, the replay of the first show, is scheduled to run at THEATER MILANO-Za in Tokyo on September 7, 8, 9, and 21–23 this year.

The PART II Shuka-sai is the newly released sequel to the first stage play and will be performed at the same venue on September 14–16, and 18–23 this year.

General sales of the tickets will begin on August 10, after various pre-sales, which will be available from June 1 to July 22.

The first show was performed at the same theater from August 11 to 20, 2023.

In December 2023, the official YouTube account of Aniplex released a six and a half-minute digest video with English subtitles.

The cast members for the stage play include:

  • Hitori Gotoh: Mamo Mamono
  • Nijika Ichiji: Miki Otake
  • Ryo Yamada: Karin Osanai
  • Ikuyo Kita: Mirai Omori
  • Seika Ijichi: Misato Kawachi
  • Kikuri Hiroi: Rei Tsukikawa
  • Goto Futari: Nanami Oka/Arisa Tsukui

Source: BOCCHI THE ROOCK! Stage play on Twitter