Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Takes Sukuna To Court!

The true criminal is..

sukuna vs yuji featured
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The spoilers for chapter 244 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and it brings the focus back to the fight against Sukuna!

From what we know so far, the chapter starts with Yuji and Higuruma arriving to face Sukuna.

We then see a flashback where all the sorcerers were having a meeting to finalize their plan.

Throughout the chapter, Higuruma, Yuji, and others discuss their plan of using Higuruma’s domain to deal with Sukuna.

Higuruma summarizes Sukuna’s crimes so far as the following:

In Itadori’s high school:

  1. He harmed Itadori by taking over his body.
  2. Attempted murder of Gojo Satoru

In the juvenile home:

  1. Murdered Itadori (it could be attempted murder as Yuji came back to life)
  2. Attempted murder of Megumi Fushiguro

At Shibuya

  1. Murdered 2 Curse users (high school girls)
  2. Attempted murder of several citizens
  3. Murdering a curse user with a sidetail
  4. Committed Arson.

Higuruma further states that after taking over Megumi’s body, Sukuna could be charged with harming Megumi, committing murder, and stealing a dead body.

All of these would depend on the situation Megumi is in.

Getting the death penalty for Sukuna for looking a bit difficult due to the way his cursed technique works by only choosing one crime at a time.

Hence, they created a new case! After managing to put Sukuna inside Higuruma’s domain, the plan is revealed!

They add Sukuna as a co-defendant of mass murder in Shibuya and sentence Sukuna.

Back to the present, the trial begins against Yuji and Sukuna. Judgeman says Yuji is a suspect in the mass murder in Shibuya.

However, Higuruma defends Yuji by saying that he didn’t kill anyone; his confession was due to a sense of responsibility, and the true criminal is Sukuna!