Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Hugs Sukuna And It Is Breaking The Internet!

While Sukuna was aiming to Kill Gojo, he received an unexpected hug.

Gojo Satoru funny JJK
JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 226 came out recently and continued the fight between the strongest beings in the series.

While most of the fandom believed Gojo would die in this chapter, according to the spoilers, he has survived.

According to the spoiler, Gojo used reversed cursed technique to heal himself, and not just once, but he used it repeatedly nearly the whole time.

Sukuna then closes the distance between the two, and both engage in hand-to-hand combat while Sukuna’s domain is still active.

After a short exchange of attacks, Gojo cast a simple spell, giving him some time to completely heal himself, but Sukuna slashed him right after.

Gojo then again uses the simple domain, but this time he stops using reverse cursed technique to heal himself.

All the sorcerers watching the fight through Mei Mei’s broadcast believed that Gojo had run out of cursed energy due to repeated use of reverse cursed techniques and domains.

Right after that, Gojo hugs Sukuna and then fires Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, throwing Sukuna onto his shrine and breaking it.

The loving hug Gojo gave to Sukuna broke the internet!

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