Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 226 Spoilers: Gojo Satoru Refuses To Die

Gojo hugs Sukuna.

Gojo eyes
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The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 226 are here, and the chapter proves that Gojo is on par with Sukuna.

Disclaimer: As these are spoilers and not official releases, kindly take them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 226 Spoilers:

The chapter continues where it left off, and Gojo simply uses the reverse cursed technique and heals himself, but Higuruma comments that as long as Gojo is inside Sukuna’s domain, he will be slashed relentlessly.

Choso adds in by saying that Sukuna’s domain is barrierless; there is no way for Gojo to run, but Hakari digresses.

Hakari says that Gojo can easily escape, but Kusakabe corrects him by saying that Gojo can’t use his cursed technique as he just used domain expansion.

On the next page, we get a double spread of blooded Gojo in Sukuna’s domain as his body is mercilessly slashed. Gojo then announces that he is overwhelmingly superior in terms of cursed technique usage.

Sukuna then lunges over Gojo, trying to stop him from escaping the domain, and engages in hand-to-hand combat.

The bloody Gojo constantly uses the reverse cursed technique to survive the attacks while fighting the king of curses. He also deduces that the centre of the domain is not Sukuna but the shrine.

Sukuna praises Gojo for keeping up with him. Yuji is worried as he watches the fight. He asks what would happen if the shrine were destroyed.

To which Mei Mei and Kusakabe reply by saying that it might just be symbolic of his inner domain. As Gojo, even with six eyes, is not attempting that.

Just then, Gojo uses the New Shadow Style: Simple Domain! Yuji is surprised and asks how he did it. Kusakabe says that the issue is not with Gojo being able to do it; it’s just that he is not cut out to teach such stuff.

Kusakabe is puzzled regarding how Gojo was able to use simple domain alongside using the reverse cursed technique.

Choso replies by informing us that a simple domain does not require a very low output of the cursed technique.

He continues by saying even that even this would only buy him very little time.

Gojo’s face gets completely healed, but Sukuna cuts it again. The six eyes wielder again uses the simple domain, but Gojo stops using the reverse cursed technique!

Ino says that Gojo won’t run out of cursed energy under normal circumstances.

Using a reverse cursed technique, which requires double the amount of cursed energy right after using the domain, must have exhausted it.

Just when it seemed Gojo had lost, the narrator says, “Gonna lose…!? IT’S GOJO SATORU!!”

He then jumps on Sukuna and hugs him with both arms and legs, holding Sukuna.

Sukuna notices that Gojo’s speed has increased, and Gojo frees his arms with his legs still holding the king of curses and points at his opponent with fingers in the shape of a gun.

Yuta realizes that the reason he stopped using the reverse cursed technique to heal himself is that he used it to restore his burned-out cursed technique.

Gojo then hits Sukuna with Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. This causes the ‘Fallen One’ to fly out and crash into his shrine.

Satoru then casually heals himself with the reverse cursed technique.

The bombastic chapter ends here, announcing a break for next week.

You can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.

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