Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion And Cursed Technique Explained

Gojo Satoru
Jujutsu Kaisen/MAPPA

Among Gojo’s repertoire of powers, Six Eyes and his Domain: Infinite Void stand out as some of the strongest and coolest abilities. We took a deeper look at them to explain all of their nuances to you, and here’s what we understood. 

What Is The Six Eyes Technique? 

Six Eyes is an ocular ability exclusive to the Gojo family that grants numerous benefits to its user. With Six Eyes, the user is able to process visual information at an accelerated rate. Furthermore, Six Eyes’ also helps a user master Limitless. 

Limitless is another Cursed Technique exclusive to the Gojo family. To understand Limitless in detail, you can click here to read our article on it! 

Coming back to Six Eyes, it is said that unless a person is born with both the Six Eyes and the Limitless, they can never master either of the techniques! 

Gojo eyes

Gojo is the first sorcerer in centuries to be born with both of these abilities! In the Jujutsu world, this event was so big that it marked the beginning of an era because the Jujutsu world’s equilibrium was disturbed by Gojo’s birth. 

Coming back to the Six Eyes’ powers, the accelerated rate of processing information gives some major benefits to the user. When someone masters this technique, they essentially have infinite cursed energy. 

You see, Six Eyes help Gojo to see cursed energy in insane detail and use it very efficiently. The cursed energy used because of Six-Eyes is extremely close to zero. 

The sorcerer can also process objects without seeing them based on mass, size, chemical composition, etc., and analyze anything to its minute details.

Going back to the first point, it is only because of Six-Eyes that Gojo can run his neutral limitless endlessly. 

This technique is so powerful that it can fry Gojo’s brain if he doesn’t cover his eyes because of the endless flood of information from his surroundings.

The only time Gojo uses his Six-Eyes without any restrictions is when he needs to use complex cursed techniques like Hollow Purple and domain expansion. The Six-Eyes also provide another ability to Gojo, which is:

Reverse Cursed Technique: 

It allows a sorcerer to output Reversed Cursed Energy which is similar to positive energy. Using this technique, Gojo multiplies negative cursed energy to reverse its effects.

However, Gojo does not do it manually, but because of his Six-Eyes, he runs on autopilot ever since the Hidden Inventory arc. 

When Toji stabbed him with the Inverted Spear of Heaven, Gojo focused all his efforts on somehow using the Reverse Cursed Technique.

He did do it and healed himself, making him an invincible force. What happens is that his Six-Eyes calculate a reverse cursed technique that constantly heals his brain from using Limitless at all times.

Even if Gojo can’t heal others with it, his reverse cursed technique makes sure that he and his brain are always fresh. And so, he also never runs out of cursed energy.

While this would’ve been enough to lay almost all curses to waste, Gojo also has one of the most overpowered cursed techniques in Limitless!

Gojo’s Limitless Explained:

Limitless is Gojo’s clan hereditary technique. Like the other two clans, any person born with this technique is destined to become the clan’s head.

Limitless allows its user to manipulate space. During his fight with Jogo, Satoru explains that Infinity is “real”.

Using his cursed technique, Gojo can manipulate space to generate infinite amounts of finite space.

To explain it in a simpler way with mathematics, let’s take this example.

As kids, we learned that when we divide a number, it can never be reduced to zero. While the number may go as low as 0.2 or something similar, it cannot be zero.

Gojo’s limitless essentially brings this mathematical rule to life.

So, when someone approaches Gojo, they cannot touch him; The space between Satoru and the other being is essentially divided infinite times.

This creates the technique’s popular effect of “stopping” when attacking Gojo, as the opponent simply slows down to a point where it cannot be noticed.

This would’ve been the end of the Limitless cursed technique for most users. However, with the help of Six Eyes, Gojo can use Limitless in the most effective way.

This gives birth to types/states of Limitless:


The base/neutral form of Limitless is called Infinity. Gojo used this form to fight Jogo, which created the iconic hand scene.

As explained above, Infinity does not stop objects from approaching.

What it does is divide space into infinite fractions, causing the object to travel through all of them, hence slowing it down to a point where it’s almost stationary.

During the hand scene, Gojo explained Infinity by using convergence and divergence. However, author Gege Akutami explains it better with another example in the manga.

infinity explained

He uses the “Achilles and the tortoise” paradox by Greek Philosopher Zeno.

Here is a para about the paradox from Britannica:

Achilles paradox, in logic, an argument attributed to the 5th-century-BCE Greek philosopher Zeno, and one of his four paradoxes described by Aristotle in the treatise Physics. The paradox concerns a race between the fleet-footed Achilles and a slow-moving tortoise. The two start moving at the same moment, but if the tortoise is initially given a head start and continues to move ahead, Achilles can run at any speed and will never catch up with it.

Zeno’s argument rests on the presumption that Achilles must first reach the point where the tortoise started, by which time the tortoise will have moved ahead, even if but a small distance, to another point; by the time Achilles traverses the distance to this latter point, the tortoise will have moved ahead to another, and so on.

To keep it simple, the paradox shows how Achilles can never catch up to the tortoise. In the exact same way, the distance between Gojo and an object attacking him will keep approaching zero, but never be zero.

Now, let’s move on to the other forms of Limitless.

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue:

With his Six Eyes, Gojo has complete control over Limitless. When he uses negative cursed energy to power up the Limitless, he creates a space that creates an attraction/magnetism effect.

This technique is called Lapse Blue.

According to Gojo, this technique requires the user to manipulate cursed energy with extreme accuracy. In Gojo’s own words, doing this is a pain.

The force of attraction/magnetism depends on the amount of cursed energy poured into Lapse Blue.

cursed technqiue Lapse blue

However, Gojo initially couldn’t create huge areas of attraction near himself. This is because he might get caught up in the after-effects of the cursed technique, which might affect his control over his cursed energy too.

During his fight against Toji, Satoru had a near-death experience for the first time. This gave him a deeper understanding of cursed energy, allowing him to output the maximum amount of cursed energy through Limitlles at a single point.

This technique is called “Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Azure Glow”.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

When Gojo uses Limitless with positive reversed cursed energy, he creates a power that is the reverse of Lapse Blue.

Used in his battle against Jogo, Reversal: Red essentially creates an invisible repelling force.

cursed technique gojo red

He does so by bringing Infinity into a tangible form that exhumes force.

Hollow Purple:

The final form of Limitless is Hollow Purple, created by combining the Blue and Red forms of Limitless.

Here, Gojo combines convergence and divergence (Blue and Red). When this happens, the two infinities collide, which generates an imaginary mass.

In the real world, this imaginary mass would travel faster than light, making it nearly impossible to dodge.

hollow purple gojo satoru

Gojo’s ultimate attack, Hollow Purple, erases anything it touches from existence.

So far, only Gojo Satoru has been able to master the Limitless technique.

Still, Gojo still has his domain expansion, which is somehow stronger than erasing something from existence!

Infinite Void: 

Infinite Void is one of the most fascinating domain expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen and the way it works is mind-blowing.

When someone is inside Gojo’s Infinite Void, they see an empty space that seems like the center of the universe. In reality, they are inside the Limitless where actions and thoughts are repeated endlessly.

They feel like they can’t feel, see, or understand anything, or rather, they can feel, see, and understand everything at the same time.

They are bombarded with an infinite amount of information – more like everything- that overwhelms them. As Gojo says, when presented with everything, one can’t do anything.

Gojo domain expansion JJK

The overload of information causes the opponent to die slowly. According to Akutami, a person inside Gojo’s domain would feel like they see everything but not really see it. They would be stuck understanding a single thing forever. 

So, it’s not like there is an infinite amount of information. It’s just that his opponent is stuck with processing and repeating a single thought so many times over constantly that they can’t understand anything. 

You can think of it as how Gojo would see the world if he uses Six-Eyes without a blindfold. 

Inside Gojo’s domain, only he and the person he touches are saved from its effects. 

As I said earlier, Infinite Void is so deadly that when civilians in Shibuya were exposed to it for just 0.2 seconds, they had to spend two months in rehabilitation to function normally.

The domain uses a huge amount of cursed energy and is very refined. In fact, it has so much cursed energy that it can very easily overpower and override other strong domains.

Look no further than episode 7 when Gojo supposedly wanted to teach Yuji the application of domain expansions.

Jogo is a special-grade cursed spirit with an enormous amount of cursed energy and hence, his domain expansion is certainly also very strong with no-miss attacks. 

But Gojo easily summoned Infinite Void and with the kind of domain it is, it can probably even go up against Malevolent Shrine in a domain battle.

With that, we’ve covered all of Gojo’s main abilities! Which one is your favorite? Comment below!