Jujutsu Kaisen Faces Potential Delay Due To MAPPA’s Poor Working Conditions, Veteran Asks Animators To Quit

MAPPA’s work schedule is driving its animators nuts.

JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

While MAPPA’s Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 has been a massive success both commercially and critically, it isn’t without its share of ups and downs.

Fans have been disappointed with the quality of several episodes, while they’ve loved every bit of some.

The biggest source of controversy, however, has been the extremely poor working conditions for the animators.

With an animator’s massive breakdown on Twitter just last week, even more animators have come out to talk about just how problematic the work conditions are.

Kazuto Arai, one of the directors of season 2 Tweeted “Bad news has arrived, and I’m suddenly overwhelmed. The most boring ending I can think of. Ah, the festival is over. Yes, disbanded and disbanded.”

There are reports that the schedule is so tight that the episodes aren’t even getting finished and animators are leaving.

The darkest, Tweet so far, has to be from Ookubo Shunsuke, the director of episode 12 of the second season.

The image is a panel from Shirobako, an anime about people making anime, where one of the main characters is trying to hang herself.

The main animator, Kato’s deleted Tweet said ‘scum’.

Furthermore, The Sakuga blog writer also commented on the issue: “Reminder that if you hire teams of young, materially ambitious creators because you want to exploit the bombastic appeal of their work, it’s not their failing if it becomes impossible to comply with your studio’s pathetic planning. *They* didn’t doom the schedule, it already was”.

You can read his whole thread on the topic through this Tweet.

This time, fans are very vocal about their disappointment towards the management, especially from MAPPA.


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This is not the first anime that has caused MAPPA to face backlash for its strategies.

This is a very sad state for both, the company, the staff involved, and the fans. Hopefully, studios like MAPPA will learn a lesson from all the hate and people leaving from work.