Anime Balls Deep’s LIVE Shounen Tournament – Prizes to be Won!

Prizes include GamerSupps, merch and more

Animeballsdeep Youtube

Anime Balls Deep is hosting a Shounen vs. Tournament LIVE on their YouTube stream!
Date is set for the 3rd of September 2023, 5 PM BST/11 AM CST.

How To Play:

  1. Click on this ( and create a prediction on who will win each match up to the winner of the tournament.
  2. Wait for the Livestream and vote during it for who you think is stronger.
  3. Join the discord server and become a member for a chance to be invited to speak on stream to defend your favorite characters!
  4. At the end, the top 3 with the most prediction points will receive prizes!

Prizes you can win:

  • GamerSupps!
  • NEW YouTooz One Piece Figurines!
  • A Shirt of your choice from!

This is the official Tournament Bracket for the Sept 3rd Anime Balls Deep Shounen Tournament where we will determine the strongest Shounen characters.

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