Animate Cafe brings A Wind Breaker Themed Cafe In July!

The Wind Breaker cafe will be open from July 3 until July 29.

WIND BREAKER © Satoru Nii/Kodansha Ltd.

On June 10, the Animate Cafe announced that they would hold a special Wind Breaker-themed anime cafe.


This is a limited-time event starting from July 3 until July 29.



Wind Breaker recently got an anime adaptation, which is still ongoing.

About Wind Breaker:

The Wind Breaker TV anime is based on Satoru Nii’s manga of the same name. The manga began its serialization on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket manga website in January 2021.

The series has been collected in 17 tankonbon volumes.

Crunchyroll streams the anime and describes it as:

Welcome to Furin High School, an institution infamous for its population of brawny brutes who solve every conflict with a show of strength. Some of the students even formed a group, Bofurin, which protects the town. Haruka Sakura, a first-year student who moved in from out of town, is only interested in one thing: fighting his way to the top.

Source: Animate Cafe Official Website