Top 10 Badass Rimuru Moments

Rimuru is the most badass slime in anime.

Rimuru Tempest: That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime
That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime

Traditionally, slimes are the weakest monsters in video games. However, Rimuru Tempest, a 37-year-old man who was reincarnated as a slime, has done nothing but challenge that notion. Rimuru is definitely the most badass slime out there, and he has had too many badass moments to count. Today, we are going to explore and rank Rimuru’s top 10 badass moments in That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken). 

10) Rimuru Bends A Pack Of Direwolves To His Will

Rimuru has always preferred to avoid conflict, but he also believes in using power to achieve his goals. When he met the Goblin tribe in the beginning, they were being attacked by a pack of direwolves. Rimuru saved the Goblins by eating the Direwolves’ leader. 


Before the Direwolves could even react, Rimuru transformed into a Direwolf himself and let out a vicious howl, which was so powerful that the Direwolves bowed to him as a sign of submission and respect. He resolved a conflict using power, while spilling as little blood as possible. Talk about a win-win!

9) Rimuru befriends Milim

When Milim, the second strongest demon lord, decided to visit Tempest, she decided to challenge him to a duel. Rimuru, knowing he could not possibly win with raw power, decides to do the unthinkable. Using his Predator (stomach) skill, Rimuru lands the first “attack” by shoving delicious honey in Milim’s mouth. 

Milim Nava

She is immediately enchanted by the sweetness, and she decides that Rimuru would be her new bestie. Rimuru defeated and befriended Milim because of his wit and a creative use of his ability, and it definitely goes to show that you don’t always need power to be a badass.  

8) Rimuru Befriends and Frees Veldora

Rimuru had just barely settled into his new slime form when he met the catastrophe-class Storm Dragon Veldora. Veldora had been imprisoned in a magical barrier by a hero three hundred years prior. Veldora is the one who gave Rimuru his monster name, and Rimuru returned the favor by giving him the family name “Tempest”. 

Veldora Tempest in human form

Veldora even trusted Rimuru to store him with the “Predator” ability, prison and all, until Rimuru could set him free. After Rimuru finally freed Veldora, everyone who saw them together was shocked to see that Rimuru had made such a powerful ally.

7) Rimuru Names 150,000 Orcs

Rimuru is arguably very good at naming monsters, and he has named many of them. However, what really takes the cake is the fact that he named an entire army of Orcs: 150,000 Orcs to be exact! He did this after the orcs had gone on a devouring rampage, destroying entire villages in their wake. It only took Rimuru 10 days to name the Orcs. 

The army of orcs

Naming monsters requires a lot of magic energy, so this was very impressive. The Orcs agreed to repay this great feat by joining Tempest and providing manual labor. Rimuru could have destroyed the entire army, but he instead chose to name them and use the situation to help the nation of monsters grow! Turning a disaster into an advantage is definitely badass!

6) Rimuru Eats an Orc Lord Whole

As mentioned previously, Rimuru defeated and named an entire Orc army. He was able to get to this point by defeating the Orc Lord Geld. The Orc Lord was so powerful that he and his army had devoured many villages. 

Rimuru eats the Orc Lord

Even higher-class monsters, like Ogres, had no chance against their frenzy. When he and Rimuru fought, he had just evolved from Orc Lord to Orc Disaster. Rimuru decided to fight fire with fire, and he devoured the Orc Disaster with one move. Rimuru’s comrades were in awe as they watched him completely consume such an enormous and powerful monster in one badass move!

5) Rimuru Teleports An Entire Army

When Rimuru was about to face Clayman’s army, he needed a way to get his own battalion to their destination as quickly as possible. He wanted to teleport them, but this was very dangerous and generally meant for nonliving things. However, he was determined to make it happen. He decided he would combine teleportation with the ability to create a magical barrier that protects the teleportee from harm.

Teleportation magic circle

He was able to execute this perfectly. This feat was shocking to his comrades, but is it really that surprising at this point? Rimuru has always proven to be a badass, no matter how challenging the situation may seem. 

4) Rimuru Creates A Powerful Nation Of Monsters

What began as a village of Goblins and Direwolves has evolved into the Jura Tempest Federation! The most pivotal event for Tempest was forming a peace treaty with Dwargon, the kingdom of Dwarves, as this was the first kingdom that recognized Tempest as its own sovereign nation. 

Rimuru stands before his army

Tempest eventually becomes a major economic hub due to its advanced infrastructure, military and location. Rimuru even establishes diplomatic relationships with human nations. Rimuru isn’t just powerful, he is a genius when it comes to forming an entire nation. Talk about badass!

3) Diablo Becomes Rimuru’s Servant

At this point, Rimuru has a history of making powerful allies. After Rimuru became a demon lord, he was able to summon the primordial demon, Noir. When Rimuru found out the Archdemon had no name, he named him Diablo. 

Diablo showing his servitude

This took half of Rimuru’s magicules, and again, Rimuru already had the power of a demon lord. Noir was immediately mesmerized by Rimuru; when Rimuru gave him his first order, he executed it perfectly. Noir even sacrificed his own subordinates so that Rimuru could revive his fallen friends. Diablo knew from the start that Rimuru is a force to be reckoned with!

2) Rimuru Defeats An Entire Army In One Move And Becomes A Demon Lord

Rimuru isn’t just powerful and smart, he would destroy entire nations to protect his friends. That is exactly what he did when Tempest was attacked by Falmuth, a kingdom that envied Tempest’s economic influence. After the attack, Rimuru plotted to become a demon lord so he could revive every monster that was killed.

Rimuru as he casts the spell that kills 10,000 people

He had the potential to become a demon lord, and all he needed to do was collect 10,000 souls. He achieved this by destroying an army of 20,000 soldiers in a matter of minutes. Rimuru successfully evolved into a demon lord, and he was eventually able to revive his friends. 

1) Rimuru Defeats Clayman

Once Rimuru figured out that Clayman, one of the demon lords, was behind the attack on Tempest, he decided he would attend Walpurgis, a gathering for Demon Lords. When he showed up, he eventually ended up battling Clayman.


Rimuru was able to win this battle because of his allies. While Milim was supposedly under Clayman’s control, Veldora was able to fight her one-on-one. Before Veldora could show up, Shion assisted Rimuru by keeping Clayman occupied so that Rimuru could fight Milim. Eventually, Clayman confesses to his scheme and is killed by Rimuru. 

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