Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Megumi Fushiguro!

Jujutsu Kaisen/MAPPA

Since Megumi is so closed off and reserved, here are 10 things Jujutsu Kaisen fans might not know about him! 

10) Megumi Likes To Read Non-Fiction: 

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi is shaping into the perfect introvert!

According to the Official Jujutsu Kaisen Fanbook, Megumi loves to read, especially non-fiction! He is the kind of guy who likes realism, so it makes sense that this is his favorite genre of books. 

9) He’s A Picky Eater: 

By far, Megumi is the pickiest when it comes to food in Jujutsu Kaisen! 

Megumi eating

He doesn’t like red bell peppers and complains about Pizza too. Yes, you read that right! Apparently, Megumi doesn’t like Pizza because it’s hard to digest. 

In one of the Juju Strolls, he also chose rice over bread instantly, further proving his dislike for hard-to-digest food! 

When it comes to his likes, he has stated that he prefers breast meat in chicken Nanban and thigh meat in Oyakodon. This is all that we know so far, god knows how picky he truly is! 

8) He Gets Stressed Around People: 

As a true introvert, Megumi hates people!

Megumi talks about Yuta jjk

The Fanbook states that Megumi’s biggest cause of stress is people, almost all. We know that he doesn’t really respect any of his seniors except Yuta, and finds their shenanigans to be annoying.

7) Megumi Is Important To The Zennin Clan: 

The first season of the anime made it clear that there is something special about Megumi, and that some of the Zennin Clan elders see it too, even though he has left the clan. 

Megumi and Zenin clan

This is mainly because he has inherited the Ten Shadows Technique! Because of this, (spoiler alert) Megumi has even become the head of the Zennin Clan! 

6) Megumi’s First Laugh In Open Was In The Finger Bearer Arc: 

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Megumi break into a small smile or two at times when he’s with his friends. Other than that, he’s usually stoic.

Megumi JJK

However, you’d be surprised to know that he had NEVER laughed openly! In fact, the only time has openly laughed was in a fight against a fingerbearer!

Furthermore, this laugh was out of the realization that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself if the opponent is strong, it was just a reaction during a do-or-die moment! 

5) The Name Megumi Has A Special Meaning: 

Traditionally “Megumi” is a feminine name in Japanese. And, our boy has expressed his hate for the name multiple times. However, it roughly translates to “blessing” or “grace”. 

Megumi fushiguro JJK

This was the only gift his father Toji could ever give him, as he knew that Megumi would be considered a blessing to those around him, and that he will do the right things as a sorcerer! 

4) Megumi Met Gojo When He Was In First Grade: 

After his father’s death, Megumi was going to be sold to the Zennin Clan, as per the deal made by Toji. However, he backed down on this, and asked Gojo to help Megumi and prevent his sale to the clan! 

Megumi and Gojo

While Gojo doesn’t seem to be the greatest parent, he did take up the responsibility and raised Megumi and his step-sister Tsumiki. 

3) Megumi’s Hairstyles Are Erratic: 

According to the author Gege Akutami, Megumi’s hairstyle is a mess!

Megumi hairstyle

While this is not as noticeable in the anime, Megumi doesn’t create a spikey and messy hairstyle deliberately using tons of gel and spending a good hour on his hair every morning. 

That’s just not his style after all. His messy hairstyle is completely natural!

2) He Gets Depressed When His Shikigamis Get Destroyed: 

Megumi is an empathetic person who deeply cares about the people around him. Well, his empathetic nature spreads towards animals and good curses too!

Divine Dogs

According to the Fanbook, whenever his curses are destroyed, Fushiguro gets depressed as he wasn’t able to protect them and stay with them for longer! 

1) Gojo Killed Megumi’s Father: 

Remember how Megumi’s father, Toji asked Gojo to prevent Megumi’s sale? Well, that was a few moments before his death. 


To be fair, it was Toji who attacked Gojo, and nearly defeated him too! However, this led to Gojo unlocking his true power and turning him into the beast we know now! 

As far as we know, Megumi doesn’t know about this, and he has said that he isn’t concerned about his father’s death, either. 

Which of these was the most surprising? Comment below!