Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gojo Satoru!

Gojo Satoru funny JJK
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While Gojo has one of the highest screen times, there’s far more that fans don’t know about him!

10) Gojo Doesn’t Have Any Hobbies Because He’s Too Good: 

Born with Six Eyes and Limitless, Gojo shook the Jujutsu world to its core! However, what he might’ve not expected was the fact that he would be too good for everything!

Gojo eyes

Due to this, Gojo doesn’t have any hobbies as he masters everything in a short period of time and gets bored. 

9) Gojo Was Spoiled Rotten: 

During his teen years as a student, Gojo was arrogant and always on his high horse. 


Well, you can’t really blame him, as his family always puts him on a pedestal! After all, he was born with both the Six Eyes and Limitless, something that hadn’t occurred since


Since his birth, Gojo’s family spoiled him rotten, letting him do whatever he wanted! 

8) Gojo Has A Sweet Tooth: 

Sometime in the past, Gojo started eating sweets to stimulate his brain. 

Gojo JJK

However, this simple activity, turned into a habit, eventually giving him a sweet tooth. Seems like even someone like Gojo can’t have enough of the simple pleasures in life! 

7) The Author Doesn’t Like Gojo: 

As surprising as this sounds, it is true. Just take a look at these comments by the author!!

Gege hates Gojo

While Gege hasn’t truly expanded on why he hates Gojo, the author did say that he doesn’t like Gojo because his personality is essentially just a god complex. While he says that, Gojo is fleshed out heavily in Gojo’s Past Arc!

From what we can decipher, Gege hates people like Gojo due to their arrogance. And, he probably finds Gojo annoying because he can solve any problem in the Jujutsu world in 5 minutes, so keeping him off-screen is extremely tough! 

6) Gojo Doesn’t Like Alchohol:

The Official Jujutsu Kaisen Fanbook mentions all of Gojo’s likes and dislikes, and this was a surprising one!

Gojo JJK

Considering his God Complex and lavish lifestyle, it would’ve been safe to assume that Gojo might be a wine connoisseur! 

Still, his dislike for alcohol makes sense, as it can affect his senses, and I don’t think that it’s a good feeling with Six Eyes! 

5) Gojo Covers His Eyes To Control His Powers: 

Do you ever wonder why Gojo always keeps his beautiful eyes hidden? 

Gojo eyes covered

I mean, it’s not like he has any deformity, is it just for drips? Or is he making a statement and stroking his own ego? 

Well, in actuality, it’s to amplify his technique! With the Six Eyes, Gojo can see Cursed Energy in extreme detail, which can be distracting at times. Hence, he usually covers them! 

Well, if you’re a little confused, click here and here to read about Gojo’s powers! 

4) Gojo Is a Fan Of Digimon: 

During his teenage years, Gojo himself was a fan of anime, just like us! 

Gojo and digimon

Throughout High School, Gojo loved Digimon! This shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Itadori has mentioned animes like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z! 

3) Gojo’s Theme Songs Are “Mada Minu Asu Ni” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation And “Shame On Me” By Avicii: 

Much like most characters, the official Fanbook also provides Gojo’s theme songs!

His first pick is “Mada Minu Asu Ni” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation. As a fan of the band, this is a great pick from Gojo!

However, the second song, “Shame On Me” by Avicii was a shocker! Well, is Gojo always in the feels for his best friend Geto’s betrayal? Or did he never pay attention to the lyrics? 

2) Satoru Means Enlightenment And Much More: 

The name Satoru is usually masculine, and generally means “to know” or understand”!

Gojo domain expansion JJK

However, it can be written using different Kanji characters, changing the meaning to “attain higher perception”, “wisdom”, and much more! 

1) Gojo’s Life Goal Is To Give Power To The Younger Generation:

If there’s one group Gojo hates, then it’s the elders of the Jujutsu world! 

Gojo and students

That’s exactly why he willingly gets out of major conflicts. According to him, if he starts solving everything, then the Jujutsu world will simply revolve around him. And, when he dies of old age, the Jujutsu world will revert to its usual.

Hence, he wants to train the younger generations to shape them into strong and capable sorcerers who can lead a generation in the right way! 

Which of these was the most shocking? Let us know in the comments below!