Jujust Kaisen: 9 Strongest Cursed Spirits Ranked!

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Jujutsu Kaisen

9) Hanami:

As a particular grade Cursed Spirit, Hanami was in cahoots with Mahito, Jogo, and their leader, Geto Suguru. First appearing in chapter 10 of the manga, Hanami could sneak into the tournament grounds. 

Hanami JJK

His CT allows him to use flora to attack and manipulate the nature around him. During the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc, Hanami displayed the ability to get through barriers and fight multiple strong opponents like Yuji and Aoi Todo simultaneously! 

His Domain Expansion and Domain Amplification neutralize all Cursed Techniques it comes in contact with! The best thing about it is the fact that, unlike other domains, Hanami’s DE is more of an aura, allowing him to move freely while neutralizing CTs! 

8) Choso:

As the oldest Death Painting, Choso is a 150-year-old half-human and half-spirit. He loves his brothers dearly. And, to protect them, he uses the Blood Manipulation Technique! Due to him being a death painting, Choso has unlimited and poisonous blood, making him dangerous!

Choso JJk

However, water is still Choso’s biggest weakness, and it is not that tough to figure out! Still, Choso is insanely strong for someone who lacks a Domain Expansion! 

7) Dagon:

Dagon, a cursed womb, was a special-grade cursed spirit. We finally got to see Dagon in action during the Shibuya Incident, and he gave our favorite characters a run for their money! 

With his Disaster Tides CT, Dagon can create massive waves of water out of thin air. He was able to overpower Maki, Naobito Zennin (the 26th head of the Zennin Family), and Nanami using his Domain Expansion.

Known as “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha”, Dagon’s DE ensures that his shikigami can bite their prey in the picturesque domain! 

6) Naoya: 

After the Zennin Clan Massacre, most fans believed that the clan was done for good, until Naoya Zennin returned as a Vengeful Spirit! At first, he looks like a large caterpillar with six holes on a mask-like face. 

Naoya curse JJK

Later, as he evolves, Naoya takes a more humanoid face. Even as a vengeful spirit, Naoya was pretty smart. And, in terms of power, he was able to fight on equal footing against the awakened Maki and Noritoshi Kamo! 

Naoya can blitz through at speeds higher than the speed of sound, making him one of the fastest characters in the series too! 

5) Kurourushi: 

Perhaps a sleeper pick, Kurourushi is a cursed spirit born from the world’s hatred for cockroaches. Kurourushi possesses immense CE, allowing him to manipulate a swarm of cockroaches while using his CT as well! 

Kururoshi JJK

His CT allows the cockroaches to be turned into man-eating insects! These insects then feed his endless appetite and stimulate parthenogenesis, which allows Kurourushi to produce more cockroaches. When using the Festering Life Sword, Kurourushi becomes even stronger! 

It also allows him to even create offspring and pass on his CT upon death! 

While he simply relies on instincts, Kurourushi is still one of the strongest curses out there! After all, he was able to give Okkotsu Yuta, the sorcerer second only to Gojo Satoru, a relatively hard time! 

4) Mahito:

As one of the greatest menaces in the known universe, Mahito still ranks high as one of the strongest Cursed Spirits in the series! This unhinged, psychotic curse loves to make people suffer, especially using his CT.

Mahito JJK

Known as Idle Transfiguration, the CT allows Mahito to reshape souls. Through this, he can take whatever shape he wants, and turn humans into curses. After evolving, Mahito’s powers grew multifold, with Yuji’s punches having no effect on him!

Mahito is also one of the only characters to have mastered the Black Flash; the ability to infuse a physical hit with CE 0.000001 before the physical hit! 

His DE, Self-Embodiment of Perfection, instantly connects Mahito’s soul to anyone else who is inside the domain, allowing him to transfigure them at will. Mahito is a true master of the Doman Expansion technique, as he can cast it for only 0.2 seconds, just like Gojo Satoru. 

3) Jogo:

Using his Disaster Flames CT, Jogo is the volcano-like man-hating curse! Often known for his short temper, Jogo’s eruptions are quite disastrous! His Coffin of the Iron Mountain is one of the strongest DEs in the series. 

Sukuna fire ball JJk

The domain allows Jogo to create the inside of a volcano at will. Any average sorcerer would be burnt to a crisp in an instant, with only Special-Grade or similar-level Sorcerors having a chance to survive! 

It also grants him a cannot miss an attack, making his DE even stronger! However, his strongest attack, Maximum: Meteor is on another level! As the name suggests, Jogo is capable of creating a gigantic, flaming meteor to attack! 

The meteor was able to destroy a major part of Shibuya city with ease! In fact, even Sukuna admitted that if the meteor were to hit him, then even the King of Curses would get some sort of injury! 

Jogo cements himself as one of the strongest characters in the series!

2) Rika:

Rika, also known as the Queen of Curses, was Yuta’s childhood friend! As she died in a horrific accident, Yuta accidentally cursed her into not leaving, hence, turning her into a vengeful spirit! 

Yuta and Rika JJk

While the curse Rika was “left”, her manifestation as a curse was never exorcised.  In fact, it is considered impossible to exorcise Rika as her CE is endless! This allows her to access any Cursed Technique at will.

Even without any experience, Yuta was able to use a fraction of Rika’s strength to nearly kill Geto, Gojo Satoru’s only rival with ease! 

While she doesn’t have a Domain Expansion, we highly doubt that she’d ever need it in the first place! 

1) Sukuna:

I don’t think that anybody expected the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna to rank any lower than one! He is universally considered to be the strongest curse to ever exist! 

Sukuna JJK

Originally a human, Sukuna was a true menace, causing all other sorcerers to band together and give their all to finally kill him. However, even this was not enough, as he incarnated as a vengeful spirit! 

As a curse, it is impossible to exorcise him too! Hence, his powers were sealed into twenty indestructible fingers! As Itaodri eats more and more fingers, Sukuna grows stronger! While he hasn’t revealed much of his strength, it is said that only Gojo Satoru had a chance of defeating the King of Curses! He has revealed two of his attacks, Dismantle and Cleave. 

These are slashing attacks that can get rid of most enemies in an instant! He can also manipulate lames and use them as a long-range attack! His attacks are far stronger than those of Jogo’s, which is a manifestation of people’s fear of volcanoes. Sukuna’s DE, however, makes him even more overpowered! Malevolent Shrine is a domain that forms a binding vow, allowing Sukuna to create a domain with a radius of 200 meters in exchange for allowing an escape route! 

Nobody can survive a fight against Sukuna unless he lets them off the hook. As the King of Curses, Sukuna is leagues above any other curse in terms of power, ability, and CE.