Every Character Who Has Awakened Demon Slayer Mark In Demon Slayer

Awakening One’s Demon Slayer Mark enables a hashira Level demon slayer to fight on the level of the upper moon demon.

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The Demon Slayer mark is a mysterious marking that appears on Demon Slayers under a particular condition. The mark can appear anywhere in the body, though it predominantly appears on the face and resembles the crests of demons.

Each mark of a demon slayer has a unique pattern and is based on the breathing style they utilise.

Only the most gifted warriors in the Demon Slayer universe have the opportunity to obtain a unique scar or mark called the “Demon Slayer Mark”. The mark enables a Hashira-level demon slayer to overpower some of the twelve Kizuki and be on par with the strongest of the upper moon demons.

To learn more about them, read our article on Demon Slayer Mark. In this article, we will find out all the characters who have unlocked the mark and how strong they are.

Let’s get started in the order in which they awakened their Mark in the timeline.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni


Yoriichi is a legendary demon slayer; he is hailed as the strongest demon slayer and inventor of the breathing style.

Nearly 500 years ago in the Sengoku Era, also dubbed “The Golden Age of Demon Slayers”, Yoriichi created Sun Breathing and tried to teach it to other demon slayers around.

He was born with the Demon Slayer Mark, had access to the Transparent World, and a physique of the highest calibre, and innate swordsmanship talent.

He is the only demon slayer in history to be able to corner Muzan alone. He was even able to overpower Muzan, which led him to the verge of death but avoided death.

Despite surviving, Muzan was so terrified of Yoriichi that he even called him a monster.

Even the sight of this demon slayer’s hanafuda earing would scare him so much that he ordered the Twelve Kizuki to kill Tajiro, who was not even a Hashira at that time.

Michikatsu Tsugikuni


Michikatsu Tsugikuni is also a demon slayer from the Sengoku Era and is the elder twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

He loved his younger brother but also envied him for his natural talent and incredible skills.

His jealousy grew even stronger as he saw Yorrichi become a peerless warrior, against whom, no other demon slayer could match his strength.

Exactly when he awakened the mark is not known. Michikatsu later took on Muzan’s offer of becoming a demon so that he could cheat Mark’s curse.

As a demon, he was one of the Twelve Kizuki and was an upper moon-ranked one with the alias Kokushibo. After learning of his brother’s death, he kept the flute his brother had made as a kid.

Yoriichi treasuring the handmade flute Michikatsu had created for him as a youngster moved Kokushibo to tears. He even goes so far as to retain the flute itself as a keepsake after Yorrihi’s demise, for decades to come.

In his final hours, he laments and regrets his life decisions and openly questions whether the road he took was indeed the right one.

Kokushibo dies filled with regret, grief, and wrath for not being able to achieve anything he wanted.

He angrily questions his departed brother about why he was even created as he fades into ash.

Tanjiro Kamado


The caring protagonist of the series, Tanjiro Kamado, has always had the demon slayer mark all along.

The burn mark on his forehead was an underdeveloped demon slayer mark.

He first awakens the mark during his battle against Upper Moon Six Gyutaro.

He later reawakens his mark during his battle against the Upper-Rank Four Hantengu.

After the Hashira Training Arc, his mark becomes permanent, and it increases in size whenever he uses it.

Muichiro Tokito


The youngest Hashira, the Hashira of mist-breathing, Muichiro Tokito, awakened his mark in his battle against Upper-Rank Five Gyokko. His mark not only appeared on his face but also on his arms.

Before awakening, Muichiro was unable to deal with Gyokko’s various attacks, but after awakening, he easily dominates him.

Even after Gyokko enters his awakened form, Muichiro outspeeds him using his own mist-breathing technique, the seventh form, and defeats him.

He is now also the youngest demon slayer to defeat an upper rank demon.

Mitsuri Kanroji


Gentle look Love Hashira of Love Breathing awakens her demon slayer mark during her battle against the upper moon and Hanntegu’s clone, Zohakuten.

After getting knocked unconscious by Zohakuten’s “Maddening Screech” attack, Mitsruri unlocked her mark, giving her great speed and strength.

She easily keeps Zohakuten busy while Tajiro finds the main body and kills it.

Giyu Tomioka


The Fake Hashira, Hashira of the Water Breathing, Giyu Tomioka, awakens his mark against his fight with Upper Moon Three, Akaza.

After Giyu nullifies Akaza’s attack using his own creation’s eleventh form, Dead Calm, he is sent flying away when Akaza kicks him.

Upon returning, Giyu had his Demon Slayer Mark awakened.

Even after Giyu’s awakening, Mark Akaza is able to match his speed and gains the upper hand by breaking his sword.

After being saved by Tanjiro, Giyu re-engages Akaza but fails and gets defeated.

Akaza gets defeated by Tanjiro’s reactivation of his mark and using Sun Breathing.

Gyomei Himejima


The Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himehima, unlocks his mark during his fight against the upper moon one, Kokushibo.

Coming in time and saving Sanemi, the Wind Hashira, Gyomei fights Kokushibu.

Even though Gyomei had already crossed the age of 25, he was still able to awaken the mark.

Koushibo remarks on this by saying that Gyomei would die in a few hours due to his awakening.

Even after gaining strength and speed, he is unable to hit Kokushibo.

He later dies after his battle with Demon King Muzan.

Sanemi Shinazugama


After being saved by Gyomei, Sanemi falls back to patch his injuries while Gyomei fights Kokushibo.

Sanemi returns and joins the fight after patching himself up. Upon his return, he is seen with his Demon Slayer mark.

Even after he suffered injuries, thanks to Mark, Sanemi was able to stand his ground.

He is unable to land any hits on Kokushibo; it took Gyomei, Muichiro, and Sanemi’s joined effort to kill Upper Moon’s Kokushibo.

Obanai Iguro


The Snake Hashira Obanai Iguro, who stole Mitsuri’s heart, awakened his mark in his fight against the Demon King Muzan.

The mark enhances all of Obanai’s abilities, helping him land powerful slashes against Muzan.

This was still not enough due to Muzan’s insane healing speed. To counter it, he needed the Red Nichirin Sword.

Remembering how Muichiro turned his sword bright red, he grips his sword with great force, achieving the result he aimed for.

Though the grip was so strong that Iguro nearly fainted due to a lack of oxygen.

Now, Obanai’s attacks not only did a great deal of damage to the demon king but also hampered his regeneration.

These were all the characters who awakened their Demon Slayer Mark. I hope you enjoyed this list.

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