Dragon Ball Super: 5 Characters Who Are Easily Stronger Than Son Goku

The most handy-dandy list for any anime fan who is annoyed by the phrase “Can they beat Goku though??”


A lot of Dragon Ball fans go around social media saying, “Can they beat Goku though?” whenever anybody’s talking about powerscaling and if you’re one of those who get quite annoyed at them, then here’s the PERFECT list for you!

The next time you meet such folks, hand them over this list and say, “Goku can’t even beat some guys from his OWN SHOW! So, talk to me when he does!”

With that said, here are five important characters from Dragon Ball Super whom even the mighty Saiyan cannot defeat.

1) Zeno-Oh Sama / Grand Zeno

Grand Zeno Dragon Ball Super

Zeno is considered in the Dragon Ball verse to be the supreme ruler of all 12 universes. We still have no idea whether he created any of them, but we very well know he can erase any or all of them with a snap of his fingers.

Beerus reveals to Goku in episode 41 that if Omni-King felt like it he could instantly obliterate the twelve universes. He and Whis further state that there were originally 18 universes, but Omni-King destroyed six of them when slightly offended.

Beerus further tells the Saiyan that while Zeno does not fight, he is indeed stronger than anyone else, with Whis adding that Zeno is capable of instantly wiping out “anything,” an ability that the Omni-King first demonstrates onscreen when he destroys Trunks’ dystopian future.

Both the anime and the manga strongly imply that Zeno is immortal. The Grand Priest claims that the Tournament of Power starts on the “3,135,500,603rd day of the Era of Our King”—more than eight and a half million years—and that Zeno has been ruling the multiverse for possibly millions of years.

Shin’s claim that Zeno is entirely unkillable was later confirmed when he survived the destruction of an entire timeline.

Because of this, any other god would be so startled by Zeno’s presence that they would bend down in reverence and fear.

(Dragon Ball Super Episode 41)

In fact, Beerus is so scared of Zeno that his heart almost stopped beating when he learned that Goku had a nickname for him, “Zenny”. The God of Destruction warned the Saiyan numerous times not to get on his bad side at all costs.

Being in the presence of the Omni-King is enough to make even the most powerful beings quake with fear, but Goku treated him with the same friendliness as anyone else, which caused the all-powerful Zeno to take a liking to the pure-hearted Saiyan.

Luckily for him, Goku’s purity attracted Zeno, hence becoming the best of friends, which intrigued even the Grand Priest.

2. Grand Priest

The Grand Priest from Dragon Ball Super

Speaking of the Grand Priest, Whis stated in Chapter 18 that he is not only his father and the other Angels but also the strongest being in the cosmos. Just like with Zeno, Whis also warns Goku never to challenge him to a fight.

The Grand Priest is the strongest in the cosmos

In the Anime, Whis says his father is among the top five of all beings in the Multiverse.

(Dragon Ball Super Episode 55)

Either way, the Grand Priest is whooping Goku’s ass to a pulp, and so will his son, if the Saiyan even challenges him too.

3. Whis

As we all know, Whis is Beerus’ attendant and also his teacher. But what some don’t really know is that Whis is always in the state of Ultra Instinct, making him WAY MORE BUSTED THAN YOU THINK.

Using that ability, he has dodged and defeated Goku effortlessly during many training sessions. The first one was during the Resurrection of F Saga where he sparred with Goku and Vegeta both at the same time. He was so fast that none of them noticed that he’d signed their fighting gi with a marker.

The most recent time was during the Granolah arc where Goku, in his silver-haired Ultra Instinct form, was one-shotted by his master with just one kick!

Whis defeats Ultra Instinct Goku with just one kick

(Dragon Ball Super chapter 68)

While the Saiyan was struggling to block Moro’s attacks and maneuver fast enough to attack, Whis comes along and casually block’s Moro’s punch with just one finger!

(Dragon Ball Super chapter 66)

Not only that, the Angel is equipped with many more techniques and skills Goku can only dream of possessing. The reason is because Whis’ consciousness is much clearer than Goku’s, and he has the ability to control his emotions even in dire times.

We’ve seen him not blink even an eye when his brother Merus vanished in front of him, while Goku still feels angry when Elec almost killed Granolah into oblivion.

Unless Goku can master his senses and emotions, achieving an enlightened state enough to be in Ultra Instinct at all times, he ain’t going to beat Whis any time soon, which Toriyama also confirms in an interview.

4. Beerus

Beerus is not only the strongest warrior in Universe 7 but also the strongest God of Destruction in the Multiverse, as confirmed in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Light Novel. A lot of people consider the cat-like deity as the undeserving “hype man” whose power seems to be constantly retconned.

While this is true in the anime, it cannot be said for the manga. Beerus hardly struggled against Super Saiyan God Goku and whooped Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta’s ass two freakin’ times. Manga Beerus is a different beast altogether, as he’s confirmed to have Ultra Instinct and newly introduced Ultra Ego.

With Ultra Ego, Beerus’ power is CONFIRMED to be boundless, and with Granolah’s wish, it is also confirmed that Deities like him and Whis are way above mortals.

But in regards against Goku, DBS manga author Toyotaro has DIRECTLY confirmed Beerus’ superiority against Ultra Instinct Goku after the Granolah arc. And so is Whis and the Grand Priest.

Beerus, Grand Priest is stronger than Goku in the Granolah arc

Manga editor Victory Uchida also mentions Broly, but Toyotaro doesn’t. Later on in the interview, he says Goku, Vegeta and Granolah (in no particular order) are the 3 strongest mortals in Universe 7.

But this does prove beyond any doubt that manga Beerus is still above Goku and the other mortals of Universe 7.

But there’s another menace hiding in the shadows: Black Frieza.

5. Black Frieza

Frieza was once the weakest villain in Dragon Ball Z but after training in Hell and a Hyberbolic Time Chamber for 10 years, he has now become Universe 7’s strongest mortal, capable of becoming the God of Destruction of another Universe.

In the final chapter of the Granolah arc, the Galactic tyrant was able to annihilate Gas with a single punch, completely destroy Elec, and knock Goku and Frieza off their feet with a single shot. In his own words, he is better than Goku and Vegeta.

(Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87)

Currently, Goku and Vegeta are training on Beerus’ planet, honing their respective techniques in order to take down Frieza. But will their labor bear any fruit? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!