Demon Slayer: Which Hashira Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign!?

All of them have different personalities with strengths and weaknesses

hashira demon slayer zodiac sign
Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is filled with amazing characters that fans have come to love and adore. Amongst these, the Hashiras are some of the strongest and most beloved!

All of them have different personalities with strengths and weaknesses that make them who they are!

The concept of Zodiac signs can be used pretty well to sum up many of the characters’ personality traits! Let’s take a look at which one you match with!

1) Giyu Tomioka: Aquarius

Born on February 8, it is a surprise to nobody that the Water Hashira is an Aquarius!

Giyu Tomioka Demon Slayer

Born right in the middle of the Aquarius season, Giyu’s position as the Water Hashira already makes him an amazing match for the sign!

Furthermore, his personality is how one would describe the people of this zodiac sign!

Aquarius are usually solo acts. They prefer to act independently and don’t like to show their feelings to people. However, this doesn’t mean that they lack empathy or emotions.

Since the first episode of Demon Slayer, we’ve seen that Giyu can be empathetic to those around him. He spares Nezuko and guides Tanjiro, even sending a letter of recommendation for him.

He distances himself from others because he believes that he is not good enough to stand near other Hashiras, which misled others into believing that he is cold.

2) Kyojuro Rengoku: Taurus

Kyojuro was born on May 10 and is a Taurus or Bull.

rengoku quiz 4


He is one of the most powerful Hashira because of his unwavering commitment to carrying out his life’s work of defending the defenseless against demons and his unwavering devotion to his fellow humans!

Anyone who meets Kyojuro immediately recognizes his unmatched enthusiasm for life, which is in line with his Zodiac sign.

Kyojuro is fiercely devoted to all of his comrades, even novice Demon Slayers like Tanjiro. It should come as no surprise that Kyojuro is extremely dedicated to his family as well.

He mentors his younger brother Sejuro with patience and passion and even forgives his father for the ill-treatment, understanding the pain he is going through.

In the end, he did everything for his comrades, and made sure that the people were always protected!

3) Muichiro Tokito: Leo

Having been born on August 8, Muichiro and his elder twin Yuichiro, who died in one of Demon Slayer’s saddest backstories, are both Leos.

Why Is Tokito Emotionless And Forgetful In Demon Slayer Explained

While it may not seem like Tokito is a true Leo, it’s largely due to his amnesia. He is actually a kind and loyal person who respects his fellow Hashiras and even others a lot.

4) Tengen Uzui: Scorpio

Born October 31, Tengen is a Scorpio through and through! He is a strong, independent person dedicated to the ideals he believes in.

tengen uzui Demon Slayer

He proved this when he left his shinobi clan as he did not believe in his father’s methods.

Much like other Scorpios, Tengen loves the spotlight, making every battle he fights into a firework!

Tengen is strongly devoted to his wives as well. While it might seem like he is self-obsessed, he is ready to throw himself into danger to protect the people around him in an instant!

5) Shinobu Kocho: Pisces

Shinobu Kocho might be the Insect Hashira, but her zodiac sign is of the fish, Pisces.


Born on February 8, Shinobu wears shades of purple and pale green, Pisces’ lucky colors.

She also shows off her intelligence and creativity by using poison to deal with demons instead of brute force, like everybody else.

Shinobu can be ruthless when need be but is generally a kind and caring person. Her love is seen especially towards her adoptive sister Kanao and the younger girls that work with her.

These are some of the Hashiras and their Zodiac signs! Which one of them are you?