Why Is Tokito Emotionless And Forgetful In Demon Slayer? Explained

But, why is he so forgetful? Is it an act, or does he have amnesia?

Why Is Tokito Emotionless And Forgetful In Demon Slayer Explained
Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc

Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc has introduced multiple characters to the spotlight, and one such character is the always aloof and indifferent Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito!

But, why is he so forgetful? Is it an act, or does he have amnesia? Well, the Demon Slayer manga has expanded on this, so let’s jump right into it!

Why is Tokito Motionless and Forgetful?

Tokito’s traits and forgetfulness come from a series of traumatic experiences that led him to a major breaking point.

All of this was explained in chapters 118 and 119 of the manga, where we enter a flashback, explaining Mist Hashira’s life.

Muichiro was born into a family of woodcutters. His parents were hard-working people. Muichiro also had an elder twin brother named Yuichiro.

When they were 10, the twins’ mother caught a bad cold, and the complications caused her to contract pneumonia.

The complications unfortunately led to her death. Furthermore, their father went out to find herbs during a storm and slipped and fell off a cliff.

This left the twins alone to fend off for themselves. While they were only 10 years old, they managed to survive well for a year.

Eventually, they were approached by Muichiro’s future master’s wife, who explained that the two were descendants of the creator of the first breathing style.

She urged them to become swordsmen, however, the elder Yuichiro was strictly against it. The two had a major argument about this, where Yuichiro essentially berated his brother.

After this, the two returned to their usual life and ignored the lady’s attempts to contact them.

Soon, summer approached, and the two boys were very irritable due to the heat. To get some fresh air, they decided to keep their house’s door open.

That’s when a Demon showed up, and attacked Yuichiro. He was successful in ripping one arm off of him, which woke up Muichiro too.

muichiro tokito past

As Muichiro held Yuichiro closely in his hands, the demon went off on a rant. He kept saying that they were just woodcutters with no future or importance, so it was okay to kill them.

While Muichiro was usually a bright, optimistic, and a kind person, this angered him.

In fact, he let out such a strong roar that even he was shocked! He then proceeded to fight the demon to protect his brother.

By the time it was morning, the demon had his head blasted with a huge rock, and the rest of his body impaled with any and all weapons.

The demon turned to mist only after sunlight hit him, reminding Muichiro that he has to get his brother treated.

However, he was extremely exhausted as well, causing him to collapse to the ground. Still, he dragged himself back into the house, hoping to save his brother.

Unfortunately, a whole night had passed since Yuichiro had been suffering from a severed arm.

During his final moments, Yuichiro was praying to the gods to protect Muichiro instead of him, since he was a kind child.

Yuichiro admitted to his rude behavior, as he had to keep up the tough act to protect the two of them as he had lost trust in the world.

He also states that the “Mu” in his brother’s name is for infinity, which represents his ability to tap into infinite strength to protect people.

Since that day, Muichiro resorted to having the same attitude as his brother, wanting to disassociate with society to suppress his anger. This suppression was so extreme that he forgot his past and developed amnesia.

However, this anger would always leak out when it was related to demons. He had worked himself to the bone, even vomiting blood from overworking himself to no end.

As Yuichiro believed, Muichiro became a Hashira to help people.

Through his interactions with Tanjiro, whom he said had the same red eyes as his father, Muichiro started becoming more accepting of his own feelings.

This led his memories to flood back in, eventually allowing him to be receptive to emotions!