Why Is Muzan Looking For The Blue Spider Lilly In Demon Slayer?

This made the flower to become his utmost priority, but why?

KIMETSU NO YAIBA © 2016 by Koyoharu Gotoge/SHUEISHA Inc.

Since the beginning of Demon Slayer, Kibutsuji Muzan is seen searching for the Blue Spider Lily. He claims that this mysterious plant will help him achieve his goal!

So, what exactly is the Blue Spider Lily? Why is it so important, and what happens once Muzan manages to find them?

Fret not, as we’ll answer all of these questions in detail!

What Is Blue Spider Lily In Demon Slayer? Why Does Muzan Need It?

The Blue Spider Lily is introduced in the series when Muzan reveals that it is the only thing that can help him achieve his ultimate goal of conquering the sun.

Prior to becoming a demon, Muzan was an ailing human who sought various medical treatments but to no avail.

Then, a doctor gave him a potion made from the rare and notorious Blue Spider Lily. When he didn’t recover even after consuming the potion, Muzan grew frustrated.

muzan and doctor

In a fit of rage, he killed the doctor. However, after the doctor’s death, Muzan began to notice improvements in his health, even though it brought many side effects as well.

After consuming the potion made from Blue Spider Lily, Muzan observed changes in his body. His skin turned pale, and he developed an insatiable craving for human flesh.

In addition, he gained superhuman strength and complete control over his body, which enabled him to alter his shape, age, and even gender at will.

However, it had a major side effect: Muzan couldn’t go out in the sun!

As a result of his transformation, all the demons created by Muzan were also unable to go out in the sun.

Hence, Muzan hypothesized that since the Blue Spider Lily had granted him his powers, he needed them again to gain the ability to go out in the sun.

blue spider lilly Demon Slayer

This made the flower to become his utmost priority.

However, the only person who knew about them was already dead! But! There was one more person who knew about their location!

This person was Kie Kamado, Tanjiro’s mother, whom Muzan killed!

*jazz music stops*

This led to Muzan’s search for the Blue Spider Lily. Unfortunately for him, the flower was extremely rare, and they only bloomed once a year for 2 to 3 days.

To make matters worse, the flower only blooms during the day, practically making it unreachable for him.

What Would Happen If Muzan Manages To Find The Blue Spider Lilly?

If Muzan managed to acquire the Blue Spider Lilly, he would’ve been able to turn it into a potion, granting him the ability to walk in the sun.

Theoretically, that is.

However, for the sake of discussion, let’s believe that Muzan gets his hands on the flower.

Muzan will be able to create an army of demons who could spread terror in the day as well. This is because all demons have Muzan’s blood in them, and that’s what grants them superpowers.

This would turn the world into a true nightmare, eventually turning everybody into demons!