Why Does Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Red In Demon Slayer? Explained

While a demon slayer’s Nichirin sword can turn into any color depending on their breathing style, the bright red color is special. 

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayers, especially Hashiras are considered to be extraordinary and sometimes, they manage to do the impossible! One such feat is achieving the Bright Red Nichirin Sword!

In this article, we’ll take a look at why Tanjiro’s sword turned bright red in Demon Slayer in detail!

Why Did Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Red In Demon Slayer?

In season 3’s episode 5, the Kamado siblings, Tanjiro and Nezuko were in deep waters. They were struggling to fight against Hantengu’s various personalities. During the fight, Nezuko realized that they were no match for the Upper Moon 4 Demon.

Nezuko turning tanjiro's sword red

Hence, she used her Blood Demon Art and infused it with Tanjro’s Nichirin Sword, turning it bright red as it started burning. This unlocked the true potential of the sword, allowing Tanjiro to behead Urogi, Karaku, and Sekido!

Actually, Tanjiro had used the Red Nichrin sword before as well! It was during his fight with Upper-Rank Six Demons Gyutaro and Daki.

During the fight, Tanjiro displayed some of his strongest displays of willpower as he plowed through even after suffering major injuries in the battle.

But, what is this bright red Nichirin Sword in the first place?

Why Does A Nichirin Sword Turn Red In Demon Slayer?

While a demon slayer’s Nichirin sword can turn into any color depending on their breathing style, the bright red color is special.

This color is unlocked after demon slayer manages to unlock the Demon Slayer Mark.

In short, the Demon Slayer mark is a mysterious marking that appears on Demon Slayer under a particular condition. The mark can appear anywhere in the body, though it predominantly appears on the face and resembles the crests of demons.

Demon slayer mark tanjiro

When a sword turns bright red, it can only maintain the state for a certain amount.

There are three ways of doing so:

  • Clashing two Nichirin swords together with enough force that the friction causes both blades to turn red.
  • The second technique includes grabbing the Nichirin sword so tightly that the intense pressure elevates the temperature of the blade, turning it bright red.
  • The last method is unconventional as it does not require a Demon Slayer Mark. This method needs Nezuko to cover a Nichirin Sword with her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Art to raise its temperature enough to turn the sword bright red.

Bright Red Nichirin Sword Powers:

  • Hamper Demon’s Regeneration: A bright red Nichirin sword has the ability to hamper or even neutralize a demon’s regeneration abilities. Even upper demons like Hangtengu can take multiple seconds to heal the wounds inflicted by the sword. It can also prevent demons from regeneration while their heads are being decapitated.
  • Inflict Immense Pain: The sword can deal major damage to demons, even causing them to cough up blood due to the extreme heat of the blade.

Yoriichi, the strongest demon slayer was able to nearly kill Muzan, the progenitor of demons. In fact, a slash from Yoriichi didn’t heal even after centuries had passed!

This is because Yoriichi’s nichirin sword managed to burn Muzan on a cellular level.

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