Who Is Zohakuten In Demon Slayer? Will He Die?

The two of them were frustrated with Hantengu’s multiple forms when Genya realized something horrific. 

Who Is Zohakuten In Demon Slayer?
Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc

The new episode of Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc surprised fans with a new plot twist. Zohaktuen!

Hantengu has been a menace already, and his new form is blowing everybody’s mind! With his petrifying aura and demeanor!

But, how did he come into the scene in the first place?

How Did Hantengu Turn Into Zohakuten?

After coming to a crucial realization that the key to defeating Hantengu lies in locating and severing his main body, Tanjiro, and Genya devote themselves tirelessly to locating his true form.

Despite its unexpectedly minuscule like a mouse, Hantengu’s main body exhibits remarkable agility.

Tanjiro finally manages to attack the demon’s neck, but his instincts kick in, warning him that something sinister is waiting for him to take the bait.

He senses a mixture of anger, pleasure, sorrow, and joy. This sends chills down his spine as he wonders what could possibly be so overwhelming, as he’s already killing the Upper Moon demon.

While Tanjiro tries to simply focus on beheading Hantengu, he still fails.

Genya pleads Tanjiro to get away, but he can’t due to fear. Tanjiro then gets hit with a strong attack, sending him flying.

zohakuten cast demon slayer swordssmith village arc

zohakuten demon slayer swordssmith village arc

He remembered that Sekido was in front of him, and how he absorbed the rest of the demons to become stronger.

Zhokauten has the combined abilities of the four forms of Hantengu, making him far stronger. This is signified by the set of drums behind him, which also serve as a way to use his powers.

Zohakuten can use all the Blood Demon Arts of Urogi, Aizetsu, Karaku, and Sekido, surpassing their intensity by a considerable margin.

In addition to these formidable abilities, Zohakuten wields the power to manipulate wood, as demonstrated in the recent episode.

Were it not for Nezuko’s intervention, Tanjiro would have met his demise at the hands of Zohakuten’s lethal wooden dragons.

Does Zohakuten Die In Demon Slayer?

After Zohakuten, another clone, Urami appeared as well.

Tanjiro successfully beheaded Hantengu using the Hinokami Kagura technique, seemingly bringing an end to the Demon’s existence.

However, to Tanjiro’s surprise, the headless Hantengu managed to escape. Recognizing that this was not Hantengu’s true form, Tanjiro resolved to pursue the Demon, honoring Nezuko’s sacrifice.

As the sun began to rise, Tanjiro eventually located Hantengu’s original body hidden within Urami’s heart.

Realizing the futility of his situation, Hantengu accepted his impending demise. With a powerful slash to Hantengu’s torso, Tanjirō finally ended the life of the Upper-Rank Four Demon.

This marked the conclusive moment for Hantengu. However, he still managed to inform Muzan about Neuko’s resistance to the sun.

Hantengu proved to be yet another challenging foe for Tanjiro, but he was able to power through!